Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

How'd you spend your Memorial Day?

Boating at the lake?

Pool side?

With family or friends?

I spent mine in bed until almost noon (which was glorious) and then working in the yard. 

I know you're jealous.

We started the day with no plans besides yard work but a text from my cousin Amanda gave us a goal to work toward.  They had driven into town for the day and wanted us to join them for dinner.  I suggested Pop's and we set the time.  They went to the zoo but we hit the back yard.  That doesn't seem right. 

After they ended their zoo time early we quickly showered and headed that way.  Our group of 10 had grown to 16 before we knew it....and Pop's really isn't set up for large parties.  It's a gas station after all.  After waiting about an hour we were seated, at 3 separate tables.  And there was one person who only had one cheek on the booth the entire time we were there.  I don't need to name names. 

But you know what?  Everyone had an absolute blast.  Kennedy, Reagan, and their 13 year old cousin Skylar ended up at a table together.  They looked completely uncomfortable.  Kennedy and Reagan pulled out their cell phones and started playing while they waited for their food.  Skylar only spoke once during the in the restaurant time and it was to say he wished he'd had his phone, but he was grounded from it.  As soon as they were done eating they asked if they could go outside to a big grassy field and play.  We of course said yes and finished our meals and chatted before heading out.  By the time we got out there they had seriously bonded.  As in running around chasing each other.  For about 30 minutes.  Non-stop.  Then the bubbles came out and even McKinley played with them.  The adults spent a lot of time chatting, and me?  I of course took pictures.
So my Memorial Day was alright.  Good sleep, good food, fun location, yard work accomplished, and wonderful time spent with family. 

Who needs a crowded lake?

Not this girl!

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