Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Reagan is definitely my sporty child.  Musical, yes, but more sporty than her sisters.  She plays soccer every year for our church and started gymnastics recently to very happy results. 

So when she asked to go for a run with me recently I of course said yes. 

Karreen and I are back to running after a much needed break and healing time....but we're not back to where we were.  We certainly can't go out and run 13.1 miles again!  The day Reagan joined us we were running 27 minutes straight.  I knew my little 9 year old would be able to do that easily.  I really thought the struggle would be getting her up at 5:20 in the morning!  I was surprised to see her waiting for me, ready to go.  We walk to the halfway point, stretch, walk 5 minutes to warm up, and then run.  Reagan was so antsy to run during all of the warming up stuff.  She was thrilled when we finally started running. 

We run around our local college and our church which is 4 sets of 4 block lengths.  We do that twice.  By the 3rd set Reagan was slowing down.  When we started our second time around she would walk for a bit, run ahead of us, and walk until we caught up.  She was thrilled when we finished and did our 5 minute cool down walk.  By the time we were headed home she was saying that she'd never do that again. 

I have to admit...I was thrilled.  After all, I'm a...(like I'm going to tell you my age!)...mom of three, slow runner, and certainly not in and kind of good shape...but my 9 year old couldn't keep up!  I was on a natural high for the whole day.

But after my breaking and entering I headed to her track meet.  Dirty jeans and all.  After I got this picture I figured something out.
That girl right there??  She's a sprinter.  She tied for 1st in the 50m, came in a very close 2nd in the 100m, and helped her class relay team take 1st by almost a minute over the other teams.

So that runners high I was on for outdoing my 9 year old??  Yep, that's gone.  Completely gone.  Never to return I'm sure.

But I'm also incredibly proud. 

That's my girl!!

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