Friday, May 27, 2011

The Big Texan!

We headed to Lubbock this morning because our beautiful bonus daughter is graduating high school tomorrow night. As we were getting closer to Amarillo Shawn started talking about The Big Texan. He's wanted to go forever and this time it was going to happen.

The place is so cute. We bought some fudge and turtles from the candy store and stared at the 72 oz. steak and all the food that goes with it that's part of the challenge. You see, if you can eat a 72 oz. steak and all the things that go with it in an hour, it's free.
If you don't eat it, you pay $72. Luckily Shawn wasn't interested in doing that so we ordered off the menu and hoped someone would take the challenge while we were there.

We were in luck.

But before we knew that we took in the scenery.

We were sitting right next to the challenge table. See the 6 clocks? As soon as the insane person takes their first bite and says it's cooked as they wanted it, they timer starts. I had a picture of the steak on the grill and apparently went to be with the Lord, because I can't find it. But if you look closely you can see the grill master holding it up. She did that when people wanted a picture of it. She also yelled "72!!" at the top of her lungs. I have to say, it startled me every single time.

And then he sat down. He had to be about college age. And let me just say, he had muscles in places that I didn't know you could have them. His jaw was muscular. He had on a tank top with no arms...or sides, and we could see the muscles in his back. I wondered if his stomach had muscles.
By the time we'd paid he still had 20 minutes left....and it wasn't looking good. Poor guy. If we hadn't had family waiting we would have hung around.

We did take time to take a few pictures and sign the boot. It sure does help to always have a Sharpie in my purse. Even though my boss repeatedly steals them.
Sadly there was no time for cow pictures.
I'm so sorry Mr. Cow.

So we'd finally been to the Big Texan. And I'd discovered they have MSG in the seasoning...that they put on everything. At least the experience was worth the stop.
Oh, that and the turtle we bought at the candy counter. I don't eat fudge. Holy cow that thing was good! I'd drive back to Amarillo right now to get another one.

Unless someone wants to deliver...

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