Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our EOS!

Well, either hell froze over, or we just really want this car.  Shawn finally answered a call from Joe.  He said they'd sell us the car for the monthly payment we want....with the warranty still left on it...and with another one I think they were throwing in.  I was just hearing the 'We Get The Car' part!

Since we hadn't been pleased with the finance guy Joe told us the owner of the dealership was coming in to handle our paperwork.  Um, okay.  We were supposed to be there by 4.  Shawn took off work early and I met him there.  And I was a tad bit giddy.  For some reason we went to Joe's office first.  And chatted.  And chatted.  And chatted.  Well, Shawn did.  I just sat there and looked annoyed.  And caught up on Word Feud and Words with Friends.  He did have us sign one thing, but then we just sat.  When he handed me a pen to sign the one thing I commented on how cute the pen was.  It had a little VW car in it that slid back and forth.  I had to have one.  When he saw which pen I had he told me I couldn't have that and quickly took it out of my hand.  Um...okay.  He then said that we would love this car if we didn't mind that people thought it was a 'Homo' car.  Really?  Are you trying to sell us this car??  What is up with these people trying to ruin this for us?  Apparently they didn't really want our business.

At 4:35 I asked Shawn what exactly we were doing.  He turned and asked Joe.  We were told the owner was at the dentist and should be there at some point.  Excuse me, I had things to do.  Shawn read my body language and told Joe he had our address, if he wanted us to buy it, he'd bring it to the house.  And again, we walked out.

Close to 6 Shawn's cell phone rang and it was Joe saying that the owner was there but couldn't leave.  So since we wanted the car so badly, and wanted Joe out of our life, we headed back.  The owner was very nice and made the process incredibly quick.  After we signed the final paper he told us we could keep the pens we were using.  I told him that was good to hear since I hadn't even been able to hold the earlier one.  After he'd heard the story he promised me I'd get the sliding car pen.  So I got the cute car, and I had a pen coming. 


You know what?  It was all worth it.

So we were finally done with Joe.  And we are now the proud owners of an EOS.
And I did something I've never done before...I drove a new car off the lot.

I'm not going to lie, I was terrified.
So we now are a 3 car family.  Us.  The owners of the 2 car garage.  

The Taurus was nice enough to offer to stay out in our other driveway.  

And the EOS is already proving to be a savings in gas.  Which is good since we just drove it around 2 lakes, up and down the highway just for fun, oh, and all around town. 

And McKinley?  Who will be sharing this car when she turns 16?  She still wants a Mustang.  Ungrateful girl!  So I'll give her the Expedition and I'll drive the EOS.  Seems fair:c)

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jean said...

Congrats on the new car! Had I seen your other posts I would have offered up one of my buddy passes to fly you to FL or TX so you wouldn't have to deal with slimy Joe... Enjoy the NEW car, the convertible top, and the savings on gas! (and yes, McKinley is an ungrateful child to still want a Mustang...she'll be safer in the Expedition, anyway, right?!) ;-)