Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

How'd you spend your Memorial Day?

Boating at the lake?

Pool side?

With family or friends?

I spent mine in bed until almost noon (which was glorious) and then working in the yard. 

I know you're jealous.

We started the day with no plans besides yard work but a text from my cousin Amanda gave us a goal to work toward.  They had driven into town for the day and wanted us to join them for dinner.  I suggested Pop's and we set the time.  They went to the zoo but we hit the back yard.  That doesn't seem right. 

After they ended their zoo time early we quickly showered and headed that way.  Our group of 10 had grown to 16 before we knew it....and Pop's really isn't set up for large parties.  It's a gas station after all.  After waiting about an hour we were seated, at 3 separate tables.  And there was one person who only had one cheek on the booth the entire time we were there.  I don't need to name names. 

But you know what?  Everyone had an absolute blast.  Kennedy, Reagan, and their 13 year old cousin Skylar ended up at a table together.  They looked completely uncomfortable.  Kennedy and Reagan pulled out their cell phones and started playing while they waited for their food.  Skylar only spoke once during the in the restaurant time and it was to say he wished he'd had his phone, but he was grounded from it.  As soon as they were done eating they asked if they could go outside to a big grassy field and play.  We of course said yes and finished our meals and chatted before heading out.  By the time we got out there they had seriously bonded.  As in running around chasing each other.  For about 30 minutes.  Non-stop.  Then the bubbles came out and even McKinley played with them.  The adults spent a lot of time chatting, and me?  I of course took pictures.
So my Memorial Day was alright.  Good sleep, good food, fun location, yard work accomplished, and wonderful time spent with family. 

Who needs a crowded lake?

Not this girl!

Monday, May 30, 2011

She's Gradeated!

Friday we headed to Lubbock for Ashley's graduation.  We wouldn't have missed it for the world.  We also got to see the Funk's and catch up on some serious family bonding:c)

Saturday night we headed to one of my least favorite places.  The Texas Tech campus.  Only for Ashley.  And Tyler two years before.  I wondered how they got all three high schools through when I noticed this on the overhead screen.
They do all three on the same day!  Wow.  I don't think I've ever been to a 10 a.m. graduation.  Luckily we were attending the 6 p.m. one.

Shawn had bought me a doubler for my telephoto lens earlier that day so that I could get some good shots of Ashley getting her diploma.  I really wish I'd had a few days to play with it.  That much weight and distance is an adjustment!  I didn't want to keep changing lenses so I couldn't get the whole class in one...unless I took it from an image from the overhead screen. 

My class of 72 looks incredibly small.


I can't even imagine a class this size.  I think there were over 500. 
Ashley had told us that the girls were 'supposed' to wear heels.  It was interesting to see all the interpretations of heels.  And it was interesting to see all the different heels!  These kept catching my eye.  Probably because they were sparkly:)
I have a friend named Tammy that grew up in the same small school that I did.  She didn't finish there though.  We lost contact and it wasn't until she popped up on myspace years ago that I found out she'd moved to Lubbock.  Two years ago when we were there visiting the girls and I met her, her son Stormy, and her twin daughters at a park and caught up.  Because of that I got an invitation to Stormy's graduation and party.  Tammy had no idea that I was going to be in town.  And I decided to surprise her!  As we walked into her house I realized I didn't know a single person.  So I had to explain who I was to everyone who was staring at me.  Finally Tammy came around the corner and got a pretty big surprise!  I loved it.  I got to spend some time with her family, we swapped some stories, and left with a big smile on my face.

Later that night I posted this picture on her Facebook wall. 
We both love how the school board member is....scratching his nose.

And then it was time.  Our Ashley!
And then it was time.  The turning of the tassel.  Unless you're Ashley.
Yep.  She pulled it right off.  And spent a few seconds just staring at it.
Only Ashley.
And for the final picture I finally got the doubler, the telephoto lens, and the shaky arms to align.  So...one good shot from the whole night.
And the pre-graduation shot.....
Isn't she beautiful?

Aren't I fat?

Don't answer that second one.

I beg of you.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Big Texan!

We headed to Lubbock this morning because our beautiful bonus daughter is graduating high school tomorrow night. As we were getting closer to Amarillo Shawn started talking about The Big Texan. He's wanted to go forever and this time it was going to happen.

The place is so cute. We bought some fudge and turtles from the candy store and stared at the 72 oz. steak and all the food that goes with it that's part of the challenge. You see, if you can eat a 72 oz. steak and all the things that go with it in an hour, it's free.
If you don't eat it, you pay $72. Luckily Shawn wasn't interested in doing that so we ordered off the menu and hoped someone would take the challenge while we were there.

We were in luck.

But before we knew that we took in the scenery.

We were sitting right next to the challenge table. See the 6 clocks? As soon as the insane person takes their first bite and says it's cooked as they wanted it, they timer starts. I had a picture of the steak on the grill and apparently went to be with the Lord, because I can't find it. But if you look closely you can see the grill master holding it up. She did that when people wanted a picture of it. She also yelled "72!!" at the top of her lungs. I have to say, it startled me every single time.

And then he sat down. He had to be about college age. And let me just say, he had muscles in places that I didn't know you could have them. His jaw was muscular. He had on a tank top with no arms...or sides, and we could see the muscles in his back. I wondered if his stomach had muscles.
By the time we'd paid he still had 20 minutes left....and it wasn't looking good. Poor guy. If we hadn't had family waiting we would have hung around.

We did take time to take a few pictures and sign the boot. It sure does help to always have a Sharpie in my purse. Even though my boss repeatedly steals them.
Sadly there was no time for cow pictures.
I'm so sorry Mr. Cow.

So we'd finally been to the Big Texan. And I'd discovered they have MSG in the seasoning...that they put on everything. At least the experience was worth the stop.
Oh, that and the turtle we bought at the candy counter. I don't eat fudge. Holy cow that thing was good! I'd drive back to Amarillo right now to get another one.

Unless someone wants to deliver...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Things About Owning a Convertible

In this first week of owning a convertible I've learned a few things.

1.  It's not a good idea to blow bubbles while driving with the top down.
2.  In Oklahoma, in May, when driving by Cotton Wood trees, you can get it stuck in your lip gloss.
3.  Having some headbands and big hair clips in the glove compartment is a good idea.
4.  Heated seats and floor vents make it possible to keep the top down even if the temperature drops.
5.  When faced with an out of town trip, while head over heels in love with the EOS, Shawn will start researching pricing on U-Haul trailers.  
6.  After purchasing a car that seats only 4 of the 5 people in our family, we may or may not plan stuff around one of the girls being at a friends house for the night.
7.  I did a little happy dance when I filled it up for the first time.  
8.  After dark I still need sunglasses because there's a lot of stuff flying in the air.
9.  Bugs can get into the car....anytime they want.
10. I can dry my hair after a shower in a quick trip.

So, we're still in love.  And I don't ever see an end coming. 

It's a blast.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Last Day of School

How in the world are we already at the last day of school?  I promise you this year just started.  I think next year will be easier though.  This year with a new high schooler and a new middle schooler, it was rough.  But my baby is still in elementary.  But nest year she'll be upstairs.

Last year at the end of school I was talking to a friend who was teary when talking about her twins moving to the second story.  I of course was nice about it but was a little giggly later because it's only upstairs.  You know what?  As I was waiting for Reagan to come out to the car is really hit me....my baby will be upstairs next year. 

And I have to say, I got a little teary.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Storm

When we left the voice recital last night the sky was purple.
The Middle School awards assembly had been cancelled because of possible bad weather.  I was thrilled because it meant I didn't have to grab Kennedy and run back and forth the few blocks between the church and school.  As we were getting in the car it sprinkled a bit.  The sky, the cancelled assembly, and the 10 drops of rain freaked McKinley out.  So as soon as we got home we turned on the weather.  Nothing was near us so she went to bed relieved.  But after she was gone the weather man said that tomorrow was going to be 100x worse. 


In two blocks we are the only house that doesn't have a basement.  I wish I knew why.  But that just means we have our pick of which neighbor we want to bless with our presence.  Since we have a key to my old house across the street, we have always gone there.  But if I had to pick a place in our house that would be the safest, I'd pick under the stairs.  Which is my pantry.  Starting early this morning I did what I always do when bad weather is coming....stuff the pantry.  I take all the pictures off the walls that aren't scanned and saved.  That would be just about every single one.  I have a lot of old family pictures.  Next goes our wedding album, and my parents.  And since I had someplace to go during the day, my laptop and my camera.  McKinley saw me doing this and got freaked out again.  That my friends is bad parenting.  She was headed to take a final.  I quickly assured her that every time I did that nothing ever happened.  She seemed to be okay with that.

I spent the next several hours getting my gray hair covered and my Hooker Highlights fixed. With my box of Kleenex. Want proof?

Oh, and a Sonic drink. 

I should have warned you it wasn't pretty. 

My friend that does my hair was really concerned about the weather.  She'd told her husband his job for the day was to find a place for them to go that was underground.  I was thinking of more things to put in the pantry.

When the girls and I got home from school we turned on the news and just sat and watched.  Soon enough a tornado was on the ground in a neighboring town.  We were still fine.  But when it got to a much closer neighboring town I started planning our move across the street.  When Shawn called and asked if we'd left I got really concerned.  I am always begging him to leave with us and he's always saying we're fine.  The year that our town was actually hit and we lost our garage door I carried all three girls across the street in the rain and then called and threatened to divorce him if he didn't join us.  So as soon as I hung up we headed over.  After about 30 minutes of sitting in their great room I had the girls take our stuff to the basement.  And they asked if they could stay down there.  I was glued to the tv and was tracking Shawn to see if he was coming home or staying at work.  I was so relieved when I tracked him on our street and ran to the door and found him there. 

The weather people were showing the tornadoes on the ground and from the sky.  The debris clouds were showing up on radar.  It was bad.  About 10 miles from us there was total destruction.  One of our 2nd grade teachers lost everything.  Including her horses.  I heard on Twitter that horses in that area were being found with metal pieces sticking through their bodies.  A Twitter friends husband was asked to shoot 3 horses of a friend who all had something stuck in them.  We never had to get in the basement, and for that I am so grateful. 

A TNT friend's in-laws also lost everything.  She took over 100 pictures and shared them on her profile page.  Take a look.  It's amazing.  If this link doesn't work please tell me.  I want you all to see that even though these people lost everything, they are so blessed to be alive.  Two miles away a mom, her 5 year old daughter, 3 year old son, and 15 month old son took refuge in a bathtub with a mattress over them.  The mom, 5 year old, and 15 month old were taken to the hospital for serious injuries.  The 3 year old son is missing. 

Although I'm so happy we're okay my heart is breaking for those affected. 

Join me in praying for them.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How My Blog Got It's Name

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat.  And this morning?  Even worse.  But my crazy day doesn't care.  I did send the girls to school and then crawl back in bed for 2 hours.  I do believe that's the only way I got through the day. 

My schedule?

11:30-Take caramel sauce (that I forgot to buy this weekend) to Reagan's Sundae Party.
3:15-6-Reagan's Accelerated Reading party at a downtown bowling alley.
5:30-Get the girls ready for their voice recital.
6-Head to the church for warm-ups.
6:30-Kennedy's Middle School awards assembly at the school.
7-Voice recital starts at church.

And did I mention I didn't feel good?  I was trying to figure out how to go on Reagan's field trip and get her sister's home from school, fed, ready for voice recital, and get them to church.  I can almost guarantee that Shawn will have to work late if I am about to lose my mind.  And then my phone rang.  It was my sweet mother-in-law saying they were coming to the recital.  And when I told her how insane the day was getting, she said they'd come at 3 and take care of McKinley and Kennedy for me.  I.  Am.  So.  Blessed to have them. 

So I got to go bowling with no worries.  My spinning mind finally relaxed.  I packed up my camera, an entire box of Kleenex, and headed out.

We went to a really swanky bowling alley that is in Bricktown.  After 10 pm it becomes a 21 and older place.  I know that because I tried to go in and see some friends at exactly 9:59 with McKinley in tow two years ago.  So I'd never actually been in.  I have to say, once I got in, I was impressed. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the party.
And here they are.  The highest A.R. achievers and their fabulous teacher:c)
And even though we left downtown right in the middle of rush hour, we made it home in time to get Reagan dressed, fed, and to the recital on time.  And all three of my girls did a fabulous job with their solos. 

So here I sit on the couch with my box of Kleenex looking at tomorrow's schedule. 

Oh boy.

Send help.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Gold Medal Winner

I headed to Reagan's last Round Up this morning because she was going to be getting a math award.  During the school year the students are given tests called Math Tracks.  After you pass the preliminary tests in your class, you get to go to the Principal's Test.  If you pass that, you move up to the next harder one.  At the end of the school year students get medals based on how many they've passed.  Bronze, Silver, or Gold.  In first grade Reagan was one of two who got a gold.  A Math Whiz t-shirt was thrown in and it's still one of her favorite things.  In second grade her teacher saw that she was doing so well and moved her up a level.  Reagan panicked and was so worried she didn't end up passing it.  She was crushed when she got a silver medal.  But this year she was back on top!
I'm sure she gets her math skills from me:c)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

You're Welcome

So we buy a convertible and the very next day it rains. 

And rains.

And rains.

It appears the drought is over.

You're welcome Oklahoma.

So sorry we didn't do it sooner.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our EOS!

Well, either hell froze over, or we just really want this car.  Shawn finally answered a call from Joe.  He said they'd sell us the car for the monthly payment we want....with the warranty still left on it...and with another one I think they were throwing in.  I was just hearing the 'We Get The Car' part!

Since we hadn't been pleased with the finance guy Joe told us the owner of the dealership was coming in to handle our paperwork.  Um, okay.  We were supposed to be there by 4.  Shawn took off work early and I met him there.  And I was a tad bit giddy.  For some reason we went to Joe's office first.  And chatted.  And chatted.  And chatted.  Well, Shawn did.  I just sat there and looked annoyed.  And caught up on Word Feud and Words with Friends.  He did have us sign one thing, but then we just sat.  When he handed me a pen to sign the one thing I commented on how cute the pen was.  It had a little VW car in it that slid back and forth.  I had to have one.  When he saw which pen I had he told me I couldn't have that and quickly took it out of my hand.  Um...okay.  He then said that we would love this car if we didn't mind that people thought it was a 'Homo' car.  Really?  Are you trying to sell us this car??  What is up with these people trying to ruin this for us?  Apparently they didn't really want our business.

At 4:35 I asked Shawn what exactly we were doing.  He turned and asked Joe.  We were told the owner was at the dentist and should be there at some point.  Excuse me, I had things to do.  Shawn read my body language and told Joe he had our address, if he wanted us to buy it, he'd bring it to the house.  And again, we walked out.

Close to 6 Shawn's cell phone rang and it was Joe saying that the owner was there but couldn't leave.  So since we wanted the car so badly, and wanted Joe out of our life, we headed back.  The owner was very nice and made the process incredibly quick.  After we signed the final paper he told us we could keep the pens we were using.  I told him that was good to hear since I hadn't even been able to hold the earlier one.  After he'd heard the story he promised me I'd get the sliding car pen.  So I got the cute car, and I had a pen coming. 


You know what?  It was all worth it.

So we were finally done with Joe.  And we are now the proud owners of an EOS.
And I did something I've never done before...I drove a new car off the lot.

I'm not going to lie, I was terrified.
So we now are a 3 car family.  Us.  The owners of the 2 car garage.  

The Taurus was nice enough to offer to stay out in our other driveway.  

And the EOS is already proving to be a savings in gas.  Which is good since we just drove it around 2 lakes, up and down the highway just for fun, oh, and all around town. 

And McKinley?  Who will be sharing this car when she turns 16?  She still wants a Mustang.  Ungrateful girl!  So I'll give her the Expedition and I'll drive the EOS.  Seems fair:c)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And the Search Continues....

The phone calls from the slimy Joe started last night.  After 10!  Shawn didn't answer.  I started getting calls today since Shawn has my cell number on his voicemail.  But slime ball that he is, he always asked if this was Shawn.  So I'd say no and hang up.

Since we are absolutely set on an EOS, Shawn and I met for lunch today and starting searching E-Bay....since Craigslist seems to never have heard of them.  We found 4 possible contenders.  They were in California, Long Island, Florida, and Wisconsin.  That's what stinks about E-Bay.  After the searching we decided the Florida was the best deal for the least amount of money.  But it was in Florida.  So we decided on the original one in Texas! 

But an orchestra concert that night, gymnastics, and tons of gas burning meant we couldn't do much about it.  After the concert I mentioned to a friend that we'd found the perfect car in Florida....and didn't know how to get it here.  She said that her family and her in-laws were going to Disney World soon and she'd gladly drive it back.  I assumed she was kidding but she said she'd be happy to.  Or since her father-in-law had always toyed with the idea of doing that in his retirement, he would.  It seemed like it was all coming together! 

Now, I just have to tell Shawn everything and see if he thought it would all work.  And hope he doesn't change his mind again!

And the phone calls from Joe keep coming....

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Search for a New Car

About 2 months ago I finally convinced Shawn we needed a third car.  I LOVE my Expedition but feel so guilty when I'm driving in my square mile of comfort and getting 8-12 miles per gallon.  Mondays are the worst because I pick up Kennedy and Reagan from school and take them to voice.  Then I go back to get McKinley and take her.  (Snow days added extra time to our day and for some reason high school had 17 extra instead of 5.  I never figured out why.)  Tuesdays during the musical were bad too because of Reagan's gymnastics.  I was just burning through gas.  Up to $300 a month.  Sometimes more.  And with a soon to be 16 year old it only made since to start looking.

When we were discussing what kind of car to get I wanted a convertible.  If we were going to get a third car, I felt like it should be fun.  I settled on a VW Beetle.  I wanted an old one and quickly found a '73 in a nearby town.  I thought it was meant to be since I am also a '73.  But Shawn didn't want an old car.  The Corvair of my dreams was crushed.  So I started the search for a new VW Beetle.  Craigslist was full of them.  I spent an hour and found about 20 to choose from in 3 states.  Shawn was pretty fired up about a few and I was giddy with the thought of getting a car.  We were trying to decide which one to go see when Shawn (always the voice of reason) suggested we go to our local VW dealership and actually drive one.  I married a smart man I tell you.  As we were approaching the dealership I was getting more and more excited.  He though was thinking it all through.  With taxes to pay and property taxes also, he just didn't think it was a good time.  So we pulled in to the lot...and right back out.  My day of a natural high was crushed. 

About a month later he brought it up again.  I tried not to get excited.  But I got on Craigslist just to look.  All the fun Bugs from the month before?  They were gone.  I guess when the weather starts getting warmer people start buying.  Sigh.  I still managed to track a few down.  He was using our bank website to find them.  In searching for a Bug he came across a couple of EOS's.  He knew a co-worker that had one and sent her a Facebook message to ask a few questions.  With her glowing report and locating one in the Dallas area we started getting excited about getting a convertible.  We found the same one at the dealership right down the road and tonight we went to look at it.  We met the corny salesman also.  Ugh.

About 10 seconds after getting into it, I was in total love.  When Shawn put the top down, I wanted it.  Badly.  I didn't even want to get out of the driver's seat when we got back to the dealership.  We walked into the Joe's office and said we wanted it.  But for the monthly payment our bank had approved us for.  Oh, and also for the price of the one in Texas.  $3,000 less.  After some number crunching Joe told us he could get us a better interest rate with VW financing.  We told him we were open to that but we wouldn't go above our set monthly payment.  I left Shawn there to do all the paperwork so I could fix dinner.  He said he'd call me when it was time to sign everything.  Almost 2 hours later I headed up there to get our car!  I met Shawn in the finance office and started signing.  As I was the finance guy was telling me about the service package they'd decided on.  The platinum one.  That made me think...how much was our monthly payment?  I had to be picked up off the floor when he told me.  In defense, the finance guy told us, VW parts cost 3 times as much as others so we needed that plan.  Um...was he trying to make a sale?  I turned to Shawn, who was also surprised, and told him I wasn't comfortable with that.  So we walked.  Joe was not pleased.

We came home defeated to 3 girls who were told to expect a surprise.  After explaining everything they were upset.  I understood, so was I.

So here I sit, sad again but still searching.  Next up?  E-Bay!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Banquet Hangover

Since I usually am manning an auction table and then helping organize the bid sheets after the auction closes, I don't sit in my seat.  Which means I don't eat my dinner.  But this year I was the photographer so I got to spend some time in my seat.  Never more than 5 minutes, but enough time to eat a bit.  With my food allergies I knew not to eat a lot, but thought a few bites would be okay.  The salad dressing was at the bottom of the salad and I knew it wasn't Ranch so I had a few bites.  It was so garlicky that we were all laughing that even though our breath stunk, at least we all had the same smell.  Shawn had to leave to take the girls to piano and he said without even opening his mouth, they could smell it when they got in the car!  When the chicken, potatoes, and green beans came I scrapped the gravy off the chicken (if it had broth or bouillon cubes I would have been in trouble) and ate a few bites of each.  I knew the green beans would fine, and assumed the potatoes would too. 

Guess I was wrong.

In about 10 minutes I had a headache.  Not a migraine, because I didn't go blind, but a headache.  I don't know that I've ever reacted that fast.  I downed a glass of water, 4 Advil, and my lemon dessert.  What?  It couldn't hurt.  I had to finish helping that evening but as soon as I could I let Shawn take me home.

And now, almost 24 hours later??  Yep, still in pain.  I wonder what in the world was in that food!

And I wonder if this garlic breath secreeting itself from every pore of mine and Shawn's body, will ever be tamed.

I'll keep you updated.

I know you're all on the edge of your seats.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Making of An Auction

I've talked a couple of times on here about the Foundation board I'm on.  Since our school system is landlocked and the district is tiny we are a very poor school.  In our district there's a private university and a large church so the property taxes that come in are slim.  Add to that fact that we are 66% transfer and the money that a neighboring school system gets for a student stays there after the student transfers to our school.  Basically when it comes to money, it's pretty slim pickens!  So the Foundation was formed to help raise money.  We're a working Foundation....meaning, don't get on it if you can't help.  A neighboring school system has a foundation you have to pay to be on and the work involved is going to meetings.  We're real.  We're special:C) 

One of our yearly fundraisers is a banquet.  It's where we honor teachers of the year, employees who have been with the district for milestone years, honor the honor students, and give out two surprise scholarships.  There's always a speaker and I've heard politicians, local news personalities, and even our very own small town boy who made good and plays for an NFL team. 

An auction was added the year I joined the Foundation to help make this evening also profitable.  Profits are always good.  The first year was rough...it was a learning year.  The second year we'd added an amazing auction diva to the board and she has taken us over the top.

The secret? Set up.

Starting in March we meet in a little tiny room with an 8 foot table, no room for two of the three of us to sit, and have a blast the whole time. We pick a theme for the table based on what items have been donated or purchased, set it all up with lifts, fabric, fill out the bid sheet with a starting bid and raise increments, take a picture of it, and pack it all up into a box with the table number on it.
Well, Pam and Janna do that.  I sit in a chair and create the auction program.  I come up with a cute and catchy title for each item, describe it, and add who donated it.  There's no way I could do their job, and they promise me there's no way they could do mine.  Having the internet at my fingers helps when we have a donation nobody know anything about.  Inside jokes happen every year, and I look forward to our weekly get together. 

So today was the day that everything came together.  We had everything taken to the nearby college's gym and we started the set up.  18 tables had to be done before our children got out of school for the day.  With our boxes, pictures, and drive we got down to business.

We start with the picture.
Then unpack the box.
And set it all up.

Sorry I picked one of the simplest tables!
But that night with the lights turned low, it looks really nice.

And just for fun...since this year people camped out for 7 days for a chance to get their name on a list to hopefully get their child in...the theme of the banquet was worked around that.  These are the high school students that volunteered to spend the evening 'camping out'.  We ordered them pizza and they entertained the guests coming in. 
So at the end of the evening we'd honored and congratulated everyone and made money to give back to the teachers and students next year.  All in all a fabulous evening spent helping the school I love.  What could be better??

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My baby, and yes they're all my babies, left me for Mother's Day weekend.  She went on her high school choir trip to South Padre/Corpus Christi.  Since it was over $400 for her to go, I could not join.  Even though parents were a bit less.  I cried all the way home after leaving her at the school to get on the bus.  She occasionally sent texts, but I had to follow along on Facebook for the details from the parents and other students.  Let's just say that when we picked her up late Mother's Day night I might have squeezed her a bit hard.  The fact that she had the worst sunburn of hopefully her whole life, made her not enjoy that hug.  Oh well, maybe a lesson has been learned. 

When we got home she unpacked everything in the living room to find my gift.  I was so excited to have her home and to be getting a present that I overlooked the Pringles explosion.  But I did invite Jackie 'O' over to Hoover up the mess as soon as possible. 

Soon after she begged to go to bed and I of course said yes.

But two days later the novelty had worn off.  It was time to clean this up!
And even though the 3 tubes of Pringles had been put in the pantry two days before there was another explosion.  So big the dog couldn't handle it all. 

I was afraid to look.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Reagan is definitely my sporty child.  Musical, yes, but more sporty than her sisters.  She plays soccer every year for our church and started gymnastics recently to very happy results. 

So when she asked to go for a run with me recently I of course said yes. 

Karreen and I are back to running after a much needed break and healing time....but we're not back to where we were.  We certainly can't go out and run 13.1 miles again!  The day Reagan joined us we were running 27 minutes straight.  I knew my little 9 year old would be able to do that easily.  I really thought the struggle would be getting her up at 5:20 in the morning!  I was surprised to see her waiting for me, ready to go.  We walk to the halfway point, stretch, walk 5 minutes to warm up, and then run.  Reagan was so antsy to run during all of the warming up stuff.  She was thrilled when we finally started running. 

We run around our local college and our church which is 4 sets of 4 block lengths.  We do that twice.  By the 3rd set Reagan was slowing down.  When we started our second time around she would walk for a bit, run ahead of us, and walk until we caught up.  She was thrilled when we finished and did our 5 minute cool down walk.  By the time we were headed home she was saying that she'd never do that again. 

I have to admit...I was thrilled.  After all, I'm a...(like I'm going to tell you my age!)...mom of three, slow runner, and certainly not in and kind of good shape...but my 9 year old couldn't keep up!  I was on a natural high for the whole day.

But after my breaking and entering I headed to her track meet.  Dirty jeans and all.  After I got this picture I figured something out.
That girl right there??  She's a sprinter.  She tied for 1st in the 50m, came in a very close 2nd in the 100m, and helped her class relay team take 1st by almost a minute over the other teams.

So that runners high I was on for outdoing my 9 year old??  Yep, that's gone.  Completely gone.  Never to return I'm sure.

But I'm also incredibly proud. 

That's my girl!!