Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

If you're looking for an awesome Halloween post with reasons why it's a great holiday, please stop by my friend Jen's blog. She put everything into wonderful, funny words. For my post today I just thought I'd share some pictures with you. I'm a little worried that I can't find more Halloween pictures but since I'm out of town, without Shawn , there's little help. I've been having technical difficulties all day long and I don't want to make it worse.

1st grade??? Don't ask me why the picture was taken before I was fully stuffed and had my face painted green. My parents were odd. My dad still is actually.3rd grade??? Right before singing the Halloween musical at school. Until it was time to leave I stood by the fish aquarium and freaked the fish out with my painted face.

2005-Our three little OU cheerleaders. Reagan really wanted to be this for Halloween this year since we are deep in Texas Tech territory at the moment. But alas, we couldn't find it.
2007-A 50's girl, Pebbles from the Flinstones, and a Rock Star.
2007-Frankie and Annette-Please note that my face is not actually that fat in real life. The puffy hair did it.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. If you get any Twix or Yellow Laffy Taffy please save them for me. They're my favorite!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Houston, we have a problem

I am not the most organized person.

Let's pause a moment for the shocks and gasps heard round the world.

Oh, and the snickers from my family.

I for years have had a purse calendar and a home calendar that not only have never met, but didn't even know the other was in existence! Shawn gave me a PDA for Christmas two years ago and man was it wonderful. But again, it hardly knew the house calendar was around. Now that I have my new Instinct phone (oh how I love it!) I am trying my best to be organized. I use it as a back up alarm so it comes in the house and sometimes visits the calendar in the kitchen. But still, I don't always get it.

Case in point. At lunch last Sunday my aunt, Janis, mentioned that McKinley's next audition was November 1st in Enid. I knew that. I had it on the house calendar. I suddenly had a sinking feeling. Was that November 1st the one that came right after October 31st? Yep, we were going to be in Lubbock. The one in Texas. Enid is in Oklahoma. I had to go home and call my aunt, Carrie, that we were going to be visiting. I warmed her up with an e-mail from my phone (man I love it!) and called a few hours later. Bless her heart, she knew how disappointed all the children would be and mentioned a little something...Uncle Kevin has a plane.

Hmmmm. Her next suggestion was for me to call Kevin and butter him up. I don't think I've ever told him that I loved him that many times! He was all for it! A quick call to the scheduling company that makes his hospital schedule and we're on.

Here's the thing. I HATE to fly! It doesn't really like me much either. My stomach and airplanes just don't get along. Now the kicker, my uncle built his plane.

In his garage. And I helped. I epoxied the pilot side wall. Does that worry anyone but me? He is an excellent pilot, never had a problem. But he likes to do things like free falls to watch the dirt and rocks in the carpet float up in the air. I can throw up just flying straight, but straight down??

McKinley has flown from Oklahoma to Texas to Florida with him. She's so excited for another flight. She also loves the idea of being the only auditioner being flown in. She'll get a lot of mileage out of that for years to come.

I don't have to go.

My aunt Janis will be at the airport to pick them up. She's the voice teacher, they don't really need me. McKinley has already had two other auditions and I wasn't there.

I should go.

I will survive!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Found on my camera

Since we're going out of town tomorrow I'm doing those 'going out of town' things. Not laundry, cleaning, or packing; cleaning my memory card!

While cleaning it off to prepare it for all things Halloween and cousin I found these.

Don't I lead a fascinating life?

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Shawn and I are involved parents. We're at every soccer game, piano or voice recital, and just survived the first 4th grade Orchestra concert. We spend quality time with our girls and Shawn helps with homework that I'm not smart enough to figure out.

But really, do we both need to go to the parent/teacher conferences? I don't think both of us need to hear, "She's doing fine", "She's a joy to have in class", "She has met her AR goal and set a higher one".

Maybe if there was a problem and we needed to present an united front. Who knows? I've always just gone. I was amazed at the massive amounts of both parents. I even heard one say they had to hire a babysitter just to come!

So, what about you all? One parent or two?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yes, I survived

I did it!


9.3 miles.

I crossed the finish line!



Now, the behind the scenes story.

I really second guessed myself all the way until I had parked the car and started walking to the starting line. There really was no turning back once Beth and I left for the 2 hour trip up the night before though. I realize that now.

I have never done a race that wasn't 'for' something. Breast cancer and brain tumors were the reason for my other two. There was a different feeling about this one. Maybe it was the group of shirtless men wearing only short running shorts in the 38 degree morning. Or maybe the girl in black tights and a black cami with a bright yellow tutu. Or the cross dressing man that looked better then I would in a short floral skirt. The men in hula skirts and leis were festive. It could have been the runners that apparently didn't check the weather before packing and were sporting big black trash bags to keep warm. Who knows?

I've been going to Tulsa for 15 years. I knew it was hilly. I also knew that the Tulsa Run was traditionally a hilly race, but this year they boasted about a new route that offered views of the river. I like views. I don't like hills. Can we talk about the hills? ALL of them? There were at least 5 that were rough enough that my shins weren't able to run up them. Bless Beth's sweet heart, she walked them with me. She's a much better runner then I am and could have made much better time, but since we were in it together she stayed with me. She also fed me Energy Jelly Bellies from time to time.

She loves me.

We were doing well, only 2k more to go of the 15 when we got to the bottom of the Detroit hill. Since we were at the river it was straight up to Highway 51. She told me we were walking that one. I was thrilled. As we started up she told me that whatever happened we had to cross the finish line together to have our picture taken and remember this moment in time. I was honored enough to tear up and then asked her if she wanted me on her back or cradled in her arms.

I wish I had pictures to share with you but since only the two of us went, there was no one to take the camera. I found a slew of pictures on the Tulsa World website but none of them are right clickable. Oh well, I have the memories.

So, how'd we do? Well, as I said before, Beth is a much better runner then I am so she had to take my time...but she did it so sweetly. 2:07. The first female to finish did it in 58:00; the last crossed at 3:00. Smack dab in the middle. I can live with that!

Now if I could just straighten up and walk without intense pain, my life would be complete.

So what now? Well, this race was very good for me, mentally and physically. 9.3 is well on it's way to 13.1. I'm glad my body could do it, and my brain now knows I'm capable of much more then I thought. I need to keep that in mind when I have to run 8 miles by myself in Lubbock Saturday.

Oh boy. But as Forrest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." I really have no idea what that means. It's just that I saw Forrest Gump running, while holding his box of chocolates, and didn't really know how else he fit into this post!

Friday, October 24, 2008

What was I thinking?

Really, why don't I think these things through? I must be crazy.

Actually, I did have a good reason when this all started.

Last year I did the Couch to 5k program and finished in time to run the Race for the Cure in my mom's memory. I had walked it before and knew what kind of crowd to expect but running it was completely different.

First, I'm not a crowd person. Trying to walk through a mass of walkers to get to the runners start set me into a panic. Bless my running partner Beth for talking me through it. About 10 minutes in we were finally out of the crowd and had room to breath.

Melissa, another one of my running partners, has never done a race. I really wanted to do this years Race for the Cure with her to get her feet wet. She's not a crowd person either so I wanted her to have a little experience before PF Changs.

(I'm making myself sound like such a professional runner, aren't I? Insert laugh and rolling eyes here.)

I was out of town for the race this year and she wouldn't do it without me. We were excited to find out that the Tulsa Run could work for both of us. I signed up, payed my money, sent her the info, and waited. And waited. And waited. Yea, she's not doing it. There are lots of reasons but I won't bore you with them. So here I am, signed up for a 15k and I'm doing it alone. Thank goodness for Beth, she came through for me. We leave today at 5 for Tulsa.

Do you know how far a 15k is? Anyone? It's 9.3 miles. 9.3!!!!!!!!! I've never run that far before! I barely survived 7 last Saturday. I must admit, I'm worried. I know, I know. I've signed up to do a half marathon in January. You don't have to remind me. I'll be fine. I'll be fine.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It finally happened

I've always wondered how I'd feel when it happened to me.

I've wondered what other bloggers did when something like this was done.

I've thought it would hurt my feelings.

I've thought I'd chuck it all and forget I ever had a blog.

But instead I'm laughing.

And feeling really sorry for someone.

I found this today.

Did you ask if they had any in the back? Back to school is the second busiest time of the year for target and its not surprising things were missing. Considering they set the stuff up 2 months before school actually starts, one would think you had adequate time to find these items... but instead you probably waited until the week school started. way to go.

That's a comment that I received on my Why I Hate Target post.

I must admit I read it a few times before it sank in that it wasn't a joke.

Honestly, I can't believe that some stranger took such offense to my own opinion, on my own blog. I would never put something rude on another bloggers blog. What good does it do? If I don't happen to agree with something they wrote, I move on. It's their opinion. They're entitled to it.

Maybe they're a Target worker. Maybe they're just a early shopper. Who knows? I'm guessing though that since they didn't comment on the Why I Hate Wal-Mart post, they're a Target lover. In my defense, I did post things I hated about both. There's plenty of hate to go around. Come on, cut me a break here!

Okay, I've ranted. I'm moving on. I'm honored in a weird way. I've received my first 'hate comment'. I feel kind of special:)

It's all good...

Well, we survived the first day of unemployment. Shawn went to the school and had lunch with all three of the girls. Kennedy played with him on recess but Reagan just wanted him to watch as she chased her betrothed around.

During dinner Kennedy asked if we could go to revival. Being the good Christian example of a mother I said, "Do we have to?" With 20 people coming for dinner tonight I knew there were things I needed to do. As excellent Christian examples of parents we decided to let Kennedy and Reagan go by themselves. Armed with McKinley's cell phone Shawn dropped them off. He went to pick them up on the way to his soccer game later. Reagan walked in so excited to show me a tattoo she got for being chosen to do a little game before the message. It was her third time at revival and she had really been hopeful. Then she pulled out 'the card'. The 'I asked Jesus into my heart' card. After hugs and kisses and congratulations I heard my cell phone. It was a forwarded text from Shawn. Kennedy had used McKinley's cell phone to send Shawn this message

...reagan asked Jesus into her...

How precious is that? Shawn might be unemployed, and we might not be the best examples around, but God is still working in our lives and the sweet lives of our girls.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Spiraling Down...again

Why is it, just when you think things are going along so smoothly, everything falls apart?

For the third time in our married life Shawn is unemployed. His company was downsized today. He was one of the newer employees.

He's fine. I'm terrified. He had been struggling with his boss a lot lately which included a breakfast meeting where his boss yelled obscenities at him. See why he's fine? I've liked this job because he was in sales and officed from the house. His hours were pretty flexible and we got to spend more time with him. Now? Who knows? Since he has a nursing degree he can get a job quickly but we want it to be the right one. I'm just praying. I've stopped crying. For a while.

This is survivable. We will be fine. We've done this twice before.

We have three friends battling cancer right now. They're all fathers and husbands. I'll be sitting at the hospital Wednesday with a wife while her husband is in a major surgery. I'm running a half marathon for a friend that lost her son. This is not the end of the world.

But still...if you think about us in the next few weeks would you say a prayer? First, that I don't hurt him while he's home a lot like I wanted to last time, and second, for the right job to come along-quickly. As in yesterday.

Thank you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Go get this. Now.

As I mentioned yesterday I was a little sore. Wait, who am I kidding. I felt like I'd just had a double knee replacement. Oh, and shin replacement. I could barely walk up the gigantic steps that we, for some reason, have in the back porch leading to the house.

As I rubbed Blue Goo into most of my body and drifted off to sleep I remembered a friend talking about a foam roller for sore muscles. She talked about it replacing her husband. But, alas, I fell asleep.

Today we stopped by Academy to look at fuel belts. I'm beginning to feel the need for one. Who would have guessed that I would be a serious enough athlete to require one. I don't want the typical one that clips around the waist. After 10 weeks of running my waist still isn't a part of my body that I want to accentuate. I was hoping for an arm variety. Nothing fancy. At least two water tubes and a zippered pocket for my gum, jelly belly energy beans, chap stick, and kleenex. Apparently I am a high maintenance runner. I've had my suspicions. But no such luck finding what I needed.

However, low and behold, right next to the fuel belts was the foam roller. I thought I'd at least look. $20 for a foam roll. But it did come with an instructional DVD.

I've now done the workout, twice, and I'm feeling a lot better! By rolling on it with various body parts it massages the muscle and relieves the pain. Oh the glory! I can't wait to do it again. I just might do it after I post this!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Never Again

5:50 a.m.-alarm goes off
5:47 a.m.-up, going to the bathroom
6:00 a.m.-dressed in layers for group run
6:05 a.m-going to the bathroom again
6:15 a.m.-taking Motrin, Zyrtec, Ampicilin, and birth control pill
6:20 a.m.-out the door to pick up running partner
6:45 a.m.-sitting in car in a frightening part of town looking around for any signs of life, or dead bodies
7:10 a.m.-listening to coach share 'mission moment' of deceased friend
7:11 a.m.-tearing up, and remembering why we're running and fund raising
7:15 a.m.-hitting the trails for a 7 miler
8:45 a.m.-yes I'm slow, finishing the 7 miles
9:25 a.m.-drop off Melissa and head to Jamba Juice for a much needed Peach Pleasure
9:55 a.m.-arrive home, hardly able to walk, and crawl into the shower
10:40 a.m.-grab two Presidents and head out the door to pick up the third and a friend to go to the circus
1:00 p.m.-arrive at Gogo and Grampa's and sit down for lunch
1:40 p.m.-head to the circus
5:20 p.m.-leave the circus and take the girls to The Center of the Universe in Tulsa
6:20 p.m.-decide, since we're there, to have dinner with the grandparents
8:00 p.m.-head home
9:45 p.m.-drop off very sleepy friend at her house and realize my three our out
10:00 p.m.-finally get home, try to get sore, knotted legs out of car and limp into the recliner in the den

Like I said, NEVER. AGAIN!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Painting Numero 2

After 8 hours of painting yesterday I'm less then half done. How sad is that? Add that to the two and a half hours spent cleaning the tons of junk that has accumulated over the last five years since I last painted it.

On a happier note...I'm in love. I keep telling the girls that I'm going to finish the room and move myself in. It's beautiful. Or, it is going to be. I can see the end result in my mind.

Well, there were a few guesses on the color schemes.

AVT coach-"blues? greens? golds?

new mom in law-old colors-pale blue or green, new color-pink

jenx67-brown and pink are the new black

Great guessing girls!

Drumroll please.....the old colors

were green and purple!

As you can see, there's a lot of color. The one wall of built in cabinets and bookshelves kind of jumps out at you.

So, the new colors. I am not a decorator by any means. My house doesn't exactly have a style. It's more a collection. After my mom died I inherited all of her things. I guess that makes the house traditional. Needless to say, I am decorating challenged. Most of my ideas come from other places or people. This one though...I'm claiming it.

Okay, enough beating around the bush. I'm doing Tiffany Box Blue with Shiny Black trim. Oh, I'm all tingly!

Now, the kicker. Paneling. Oh the paneling! It's not your 1970's thin, cheap paneling like what I'm looking at right now in the den. It's beautiful, heavily grooved paneling that is wonderful, until you have to paint it. No roller has ever been created that can get into the grooves. Soooo, I roll the flat areas

and then use a brush to fill in the grooves. Now you understand the 8 hours. For only the first coat. Oh boy. Did I mention it's on the ceiling also? If I couldn't see the end result in my head, I think I would have lost my mind at this point.

But I press on toward the prize which I have been called upstairs to finish. That was a shameless use of a wonderful Bible verse if I've ever heard one. Please forgive.

More pictures to come!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Painting Numero 1

Five years ago when I painted the girls room I chose colors that would grow with them for years to come. Never would we get tired of them. They would go to college safe in the knowledge that those colors were the springboard to help them decorate on their own.

The colors are making me crazy.

I decided in April that it was time for a major overhaul. What had I been thinking? Those colors were so babyish, juvenile, and all the decorations were immature.

Having all three girls in the master bedroom means that there is a six year age difference in the toys, clothes, and personalities. I still think we're done with the current colors.

Today has been spent cleaning out, dusting, sneezing, organizing, and complaining. Wish you were here, don't you? I'm about to go take the lid off the first paint can and get going.

After a trip to Sonic. After all, we've been working hard here.

And it's Happy Hour.

Then I'll be right off to work.

If I can get out of this recliner.

And stop sneezing.

Anyone know the current colors?

Anyone want to take a guess of the new ones?

Can't wait to hear.

I'll be posting before pictures later tonight or tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mascara flows right down my nose...

I have been crying for days. Since Sunday to be exact. That's when the 45th Infantry came home. Or started coming home.

We live a few blocks from the small private college where Shawn and I met. They have a large gymnasium that is being used for the homecoming ceremonies. I cried Sunday when I saw the sign go up. I bawled Monday as I drove past 5 buses filled with soldiers that have been away from their families for a year protecting me. As we passed I had one hand out the window and the other out the sunroof waving. Bless them, they waved back. Hands were out many of the windows. The tears were streaming.

The girls school and our church are also just a few blocks away. The families coming to the ceremonies are parking at the church and being shuttled over. That means I've seen military people everytime I've driven around our small community. They're directing traffic at just about every intersection. As I've seen them, I've cried. As I've watched the families running to the shuttles with signs and balloons, I've cried. As I've seen infant carriers with little babies that are meeting their Daddies for the first time I've cried. It just doesn't stop! I can't leave my house.

The girls keep asking me about it. I've been so glad to be able to explain to them the sacrifice and the pride that the 45th and everyone else serving our country has.

To everyone reading this who has served our country, and that includes my dad and my husband, thank you. I can't say more then thank you.

And to the brave men and women of the 45th,


Monday, October 13, 2008

The Changing of the Recipes

It's that time of year...the changing of the recipes.

Forget the closets, the guard, and the time; I'm talking recipes.

As I was finishing my bi-annual ironing Saturday I decided to use my ironing board as the sorting area.

I re-filed grilled chicken and fruit salads and pulled out slow cooked meats and breads. I put away fresh peach pies and got out cobblers. I said goodbye to light and airy and hello to rich and filling. It was so exciting. I had goosebumps. I love this time of year.

Tonight's menu: Grilled hot dogs and roasted marshmallows over the backyard fire pit to reward the girls for helping Daddy with yard work. A cold front just moved through. I can't wait!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm so honored!

I have received an award! I feel like I've arrived in the world of all things blogger.

My new friend AVT has tagged me to complete a Kreativ Blogger. AVT coach is a new blogging friend who has stepped in to partner with Jenx67 to help me raise some money for my fund raising. I have been amazed by her generosity to a person she's never even met! Her post on Tuesday talked about Mitchell's favorite book.

Well, back to business!

The rules for the Kreativ Blogger include:

* Mention the blog that gave it to you and comment on their blog to let them know you have posted your award.

* Share 6 values that are important to you and 6 things you do not support. Grant the prize to 6 people.

So, here goes.

Six things I value.

1. My God and my church. I've attended 35 years!

This beautiful picture was savagely and ruthlessly stolen, without permission I might add, from my friend Kristie.

2. My husband Shawn.

3. My precious Presidential daughters. McKinley, Kennedy, and Reagan.

4. My home.

Photo taken by my precious Kennedy...who apparently was playing basketball when I asked her to do this. And yes, that's supposed to be a 'C' growing in the ivy. I'm behind in my yard work.

5. The beauty God has made around me.

rocky mountains Pictures, Images and Photos

6. Good food!

Six thing I do not value.

1. Unfairness

2. Selfishness

3. Domestic or Child abuse

4. Ridicule

5. Hate

6. Fear

Okay, that was harder then I thought!

Now, to tag 6 people.

1. Kristie-because she's the one who started me on this blogging adventure.

2. Beth-because she posts more then anyone else I know!

3. Renee-because she's a new friend, a fellow Go Mitch Go runner, and she has an injury and needs to be sitting a lot!

4. Jen-because she is such a generous person. I'd love to see what she does and doesn't value.

5. Robin-because she's one of my cousins that I rarely get to spend time with. I'd love to learn more about her.

6. Chad-because I haven't seen him since our one date way too many years ago to think and I'd love to know more about where his life is now.

Whew! That was a lot harder then I thought it would be! But fun. I can't wait to see what my friends and family post. Thanks AVTcoach!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's time you knew

I am not the smartest when it comes to technology. I have lost count of how many times I've asked Shawn for advice and when I've explained the problem he's said, "How did that happen?" or "Well I've never heard of that happening before." I would like to say that I have learned from my mistakes and questions but no...I retain nothing. I ask him the same things over and over again.

When I wanted to have a myspace page I set about doing it all by myself. Everything. Well except for the background thing. I just couldn't make it make sense. (Much like this last sentence.) I will say that as soon as he explained it I haven't bothered him at all about it. Maybe I'm techo-savvy after all! Of course, by saying that it makes me less savvy. I'm okay with that.

Now for the world of blogging. I've been challenged but I haven't asked for help. I figured out where the missing saved posts went I published them, finally figured out how to change my template, and even put a picture in my banner that showed up! Before then I'd tried to upload people pictures and would get an elbow or knee. But the elusive thing has been a signature. I want one. I covet them. I've posted comments on other peoples blogs asking how they did it but never got a reply. Sniff-sniff.

Well, tonight I did it. Okay, I found a 'tip blog' and read several posts to do it. Buuuuutttttt when it came to actually putting it in my posts I couldn't make it happen. I read some more, and was just confused more. But, as you'll notice, it's there. I pasted the code all over the place and finally made it to the right place. Don't ask me how though, I've already forgotten. Maybe that's why I never got a reply from other bloggers...they don't remember how they did it!

So here it is. And the best part, I didn't have to ask Shawn!

I hope he's impressed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

They're Heeeeerrrrreeee!!!

The cookbooks have arrived!

They are in the building.

They're adorable.

They feel like a part of me.

I'm willing to sell them.

For only $20 you can have an incredible cookbook full of wonderful recipes. 365 to be almost exact. It was very early in the morning when I was doing the actual counting. It was something around 356, 365, 635...wait. Let's just say a little over 350.

Interested? You can leave me a comment or e-mail me at The proceeds go to my fundraising which ultimately goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help find a cure.

The picture and the sweet words on the back are from Mitchell's younger sister, Meredith. The words appeared on his funeral program. The sweet picture was drawn on an offering envelope in church on a Sunday morning. What could be more precious then that??

Happy cooking!