Friday, February 26, 2010

Party Pics

And a few words. You all know by now that I can't keep my big yap shut.

So we've discussed the interesting menu. Now get ready for some interesting pictures.

Let's just say she was excited about the Potato Skins.And a neat pop-up card...All her gifts...And then there were the Funnel Cakes. Or Funnel Fritters as they turned out to be.They were delicious though.And held candles surprisingly well.These two kept at it though until the perfect Funnel Cake was achieved.Shawn celebrated with whipping cream, a cherry, and a fork.My still Christmasy chalkboard was overtaken by Shawn and became this.After McKinley's friend Paige got here it got a little crazier.So I have a 14 year old. Let the record show---she will be the only one allowed to do that.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthday Menu

When I asked McKinley what she wanted for her birthday lunch she said, "Hominy Casserole, that asparagus thing, Potato Skins and Funnel Cakes."

That's my girl.

I told her she needed a main dish and she said, "Why?" When I insisted she said, "Fine. Chicken."

We've discussed before how she likes chicken.

We decided on Poppy Seed Chicken, one of our favorites. I then suggested we also add a salad. Since we were expecting 14 people I thought we should have plenty of food.

To help me she wrote the list out and hung it up on a kitchen cabinet door.When I mocked her (in a nice loving way) for putting Popeseed Chicken she added the bottom post-it.

How's that for 14 year old thinking?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


My baby is 14. How in the world is that possible? Seems like just yesterday Shawn called me from the hospital and told me I was pregnant.

11 days after my due date this little, well 9 lb. 12 oz., little cutie was born. She was rocking quite the tan.Since that day she has completely changed our lives for the better.She has many talents.She has an unnatural love of chickens. Real, stuffed, and cooked.She's not very sporty.But excels in other areas.She's always on the cusp of new style trends.She has these freckles that make her even more beautiful than she already is.She can't be bothered with little things like removing stickers. She's all about fun.And she has fun no matter who she's with or what she's doing.She's growing up way too fast.She has wonderful, and very fashionable, friends.She can be quite creative. During church. And yes, a bulletin was injured in the making of this picture.She has perfected the 'hold the camera out really far and take your own picture' thing.She stepped out of her comfort zone at a recent school talent show and taught herself a song she sang while playing.She's always willing to strike a pose.She's very good at keeping up with her friends.She has her moments when she can be a very sweet sister. Most importantly, she's mine.
Happy birthday Sweet Pea!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look What I Got!

I am not feeling better, quite a bit worse actually. My throat and chest are so sore today that (this might gross you out) I have often spit out my spit instead of swallowing it. I know. Sorry. Since I've had strep twice a year, every year, since I was 13, I'm sadly used to that.

But we're not discussing that today. But one more thing. I had five wonderful comments from the nicest friends and family last night after my post. I feel blessed to have such thoughtful readers.

But, I am here to thank Kelli for her sweet gift. I stumbled across her blog like I do so many others. Clicking on a link from a site, clicking on another link, and so on. I'm sure we all do it. But boy am I glad I kept clicking that day! Her Cupcake Liner Wreath had me drooling. But I couldn't find out how she'd made the flowers. She said she'd found it online but after searching I didn't find anything that looked as cute as hers. So I made a comment and asked her where she'd found it. She did a blog post about it instead! Aren't these adorable? Sadly I've been too sick to craft. Now that's sick.

I was so honored that she took the time to do a post just off one comment. But then she went a step farther when these came in the mail. I love them both for such different reasons! The pin is 5 different fun fabrics together with what looks like a brooch on top. Two of the fabrics are chenille and one is corduroy. Hello gorgeous!

The other one has what looks like a watch band so that it can be worn comfortably on my wrist. The edges of the fabric are burned and curled in and it has two wired ribbon leaves. It also has a beautiful brooch. I am in love. Absolute love. I have seen some like this on other blogs and of course on Etsy, but I have the prettiest!

Thanks Kelli for giving me a silver lining to this yuck that I'm living right now. I'm honored!