Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did I Mention We Had Ice??

Well, here in Yoklahoma we see all types of weather. In my previous post about snow I was wishing I'd had pictures from previous ice storms. Well guess what? We got an ice storm.

I hope that wasn't my fault.

The ice came before the sleet and snow that made for the great sledding. After our last day of sledding I took a few pictures.

I started with a tree down the street. That's impressive ice accumulation don't you think? But that was a branch out all by itself. I headed to our Yaupon Holly to see what a thick evergreen looked like.But I was distracted by icicles as I went by them.

I wanted a water drop picture. 20 pictures later I did get one but the drop is blurry. And we go back to the fact that I am not smart enough to own this new camera.These icicles had my girls drooling. They ate every one that they could reach over four days time. And could you tell what they were hanging from?Wire mesh. The idiots who lived here before us (that story doesn't even deserve to be told) removed the gutters and put mesh up. That effectively catches everything but water and makes a whole stinking lot of problems. But oddly enough, amazing icicles.

Our oak trees also had their fair share of ice. Wow. I really like this picture. I fought and fought with my macro setting so I can't remember how I got this one.I love this one!! Ice on one side, snow on the other.Welcome to Yoklahoma y'all. Sit back and be amazed.

When I finally made it to the Yaupon Holly and I was not disappointed.Okay, that might have been too many pictures but bear with me for one more. It's my favorite. Snow, ice, and a little bubble. I love it! Okay, so I lied. One more. How can you not love icicle lights with icicles on them?!


sportzmom said...

Ice is beautiful. Too bad it's such a pain! Blizzard warning just went into effect here. Wishing I was in Oklahoma right about now! Happy whatever day it is...I've lost track. Kids are out until next Tuesday--that will make 11 days without school! I also heard we might get more snow on Monday night. I want to know who made Mother Nature so angry!

Honey Lamb and I said...

I want to see some of your baskets. Are they on here and if so do you remember what date they are posted on?:)

Cozyflier said...

I love ice pictures too hun! It runs in the fam!!!

The Holly pics are my favorite, we need those for Christmas pictures!

Amelia and AJ ate icicles too.

We are expecting more snow, sleet, whatever tomorrow (Thursday), here we go again.

I agree with sportzmom, Who Did make Mother Nature so angry???