Friday, February 26, 2010

Party Pics

And a few words. You all know by now that I can't keep my big yap shut.

So we've discussed the interesting menu. Now get ready for some interesting pictures.

Let's just say she was excited about the Potato Skins.And a neat pop-up card...All her gifts...And then there were the Funnel Cakes. Or Funnel Fritters as they turned out to be.They were delicious though.And held candles surprisingly well.These two kept at it though until the perfect Funnel Cake was achieved.Shawn celebrated with whipping cream, a cherry, and a fork.My still Christmasy chalkboard was overtaken by Shawn and became this.After McKinley's friend Paige got here it got a little crazier.So I have a 14 year old. Let the record show---she will be the only one allowed to do that.


Cozyflier said...

Looks like ya'll had fun!

Kelly said...

Awe so much fun!! I love her new purse I just got a black one like that for my trips and I love it!!!!

jean said...

They grow up so quickly...what a beautiful young woman.

I noticed the purse, too - been looking for one for my vacation this summer & it looks perfect - do you know the brand and/or where it was purchased?