Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I Learned While Sledding

Or actually, not sledding. Because as we already know, I don't sled. I might sled, but my tailbone does not sled. How many more times do you think I can say sled before this post is over? In all the years that Shawn has been taking the girls we've never owned sleds. We do have an old fashioned one that they tried once but the runners just bent in whenever weight was placed on it. It is now purely decorative.

Since Brenda and her family have plenty we've always been covered. We don't have a lot of fun unless they're involved. Even though they didn't go the last two of four times that we went last week they still let us borrow sleds. Aren't you jealous that she's mine??

I had considered what we'd do if we couldn't borrow them though. I made over 10 phone calls and found out that only one of the 7 places I called actually carried them. And the four that I called were all out. One person actually laughed at me when I asked. Good customer service, don't you think? When we got to the hill I started noticing what other people used.

There were the typical things, like what we'd borrowed.They were the perfect size and really could move down that hill.

Oh, and of course the wheelbarrow.It is the only one we saw over all four days.

We did see that sleds do have a time limit though.I watched it shatter under his weight. I laughed so hard I fogged up my sunglasses.

He might need to consider one of the other options we saw.

A skateboard minus the wheels.A swimming pool. It did seat quite a few.The lid to a Rubbermaid container. It worked well for that size tushie.A pool float. (Which I actually considered. We did have a few survive the summer.)We saw tons of boxes. They didn't last long.We even saw some of the old fashioned types. These really are designed well because you can steer them without throwing your body off.And why not just a huge sheet of plastic? It's suitable for one...or eight.It's really quite versatile.Now this's obviously skies but with what on top of it??Now this guy. He obviously is the reason I could not find one Ace Hardware with sleds for sale. And he road down every time like this. They must be attached. Maybe he's cushioning a broken tailbone. Maybe I should have offered him money right there for a few.But even if you have the appropriate sled, it doesn't always work out for you. But you sure do have a blast anyway.


sportzmom said...

Love it! I may have to hold a little experiment of my own this weekend since we are in the midst of possibly the biggest snowstorm EVER in this area. I think I will have the kids find things in the house and we will test them out to see what works the best! Stay tuned!

Cozyflier said...

You know, I have an old fashioned wood and metal sled up in the attic! Guess I should send it back up there with Tyler!

Outofmymind said...

Have you tried sofa sledding. U put skis on a sofa and hang on. Wear a helmet. You wrote me at to ask how I made the flowers out of cupcake liners and I was shocked that my method wasn't out there so keep looking and I WILL be posting how to do it on my page VERY SOON. Thanx and for asking I'd like to mail you a little valentine heart pin I made. Send me your address to my email Thanx again, Kelli Hansen