Monday, February 28, 2011

See? I Told You

Ugh. They were at least there to cheer on their cheating, rough, mean team.

But still.

Sit your tushies down.

To add to the fun, when something didn't go their teams way, they banged on the glass and yelled.

The desk is right behind them. Why didn't someone on staff say something? Probably because they're just as nervous about approaching them as I am:(

But it was all worth it since we won 12-7!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Evenings

Shawn is on an men's Friday night soccer team. The games are usually 9:50 or later. I've attended a midnight game.

The thing about having a late night game is the beer...and the fans.

I guess I should mention that this team plays in the hood. He plays at two different indoor arenas. This scary. I am not being mean in any way when I say I am a minority when I'm there. I have noticed over the last few months though that many of the people in the stands aren't there to watch a team, it's just where they go on Friday evenings. They make a meal from the snack bar, buy lots of beer from there, and just hang out. Even at the midnight game there's quite a crowd, children also. Young children. I've sat by children who were screaming from what I'm assuming is tiredness. I've seen sleeping children shaken awake to leave.

But the thing that bothers me the most??

The stragglers.

Last week Shawn played on Field #1. I hate Field #1. It's basically the walkway to get to the other two fields. The stands are pushed back against the wall and people walk in front to get to Field #2. The stands were filled when I got there so I took a seat at the bottom and patiently waited until the previous fans left so I could move up. Shawn is goalie and the only way to see him when he's on the opposite end is to be on the top row. The game started and no one moved. The team joined their fans and my view decreased. The players didn't exactly sit though. Basically they stood in front of me to have their after party. When the case of beer showed up it got worse. They were in no hurry to leave. The children slowly left to go somewhere else to play so I was able to move up a little bit but this still happened a lot.
I didn't think to snap the picture when there were 7 of them. But this guy never sat down once. He stood there, blocking my view, the entire game. The entire game. I got to the point where I just stood up. I am always afraid to say anything. I value my life a little tiny bit. Most of these people are pretty rough. So I just sat there getting madder and madder and sick to my stomach. That happens to me when I'm nervous or mad. Plus it was a pretty intense game. With Shawn as goalie I'm usually sick to my stomach anyway. We left after Shawn's game and the crowd in the stands was still going strong. I needed some fresh air and possibly a stiff drink.

We'd won, but I still was fuming.

Oh, and the red sign to the right of the blockade?



It's Friday again. Wish me luck.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

One More Reason I Love My Boss

Texts between us:

Her:Did I just snag the new hose? Yes, yes I did.

Me:Say it isn't so.

Her:In addition, I am struggling with the issue of transporting the child and the ficus at the same time.

Me: Strap one of the two to the roof of the car.

Her:It will have to be the boy. The ficus would never survive the trip up the turnpike.

Me:I agree with that choice.

Her:Why have you left me in my hour of need?

Me:So sorry. The free lunch and candy only got you so far.

Every moment I spend with her is hilarious!

Except when we're transporting fake ficus trees.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Have My Life Back

It took forever, but I finally finished the Ball pictures. Okay, it was under two weeks, but it felt like forever. In total, I edited 124 pictures. I brightened their eyes, whitened their teeth, cleared their complexions (if necessary), brightened the colors, and sharpened everything. It really made for a good picture, if I do say so myself. Then I uploaded them all to Sam's and set about ordering close to 200 copies. I couldn't close my eyes without seeing people sitting in front of a black background. With bright eyes and white smiles. I was overwhelmed.





Just in time to realize the elementary school yearbook I'm in charge of is due. Soon. Very soon.

My tongue is still stuck to the roof of my mouth from licking 123 envelopes, but that's another story for another day.

I just had to share some of my favorite pictures.

That tall girl is really goofy. Wonder who she belongs to. This is one of Reagan's best friends. Isn't she beautiful? She has the sweetest personality to go with it. I could keep her as one of my own if her parents wouldn't mind. They do though. Not that I've asked...I just know. Who else thinks these two need to go into modeling??? Love this picture! And now for my very favorites. I am truly blessed!

I thankfully learned some things from all of this.

1. Have more than one assistant to help with order form filling out. I did a lot of standing did the people in the line.

2. Black backgrounds are a dimensional. I need to invest in a yearbook one. You know what I mean? Or an Olan Mills one. Does that help explain it?

3. I will wear more comfortable shoes! If I own any.

4. I will get my lazy couch shaped tushie off the couch and get a wet rag to seal the envelopes with. My tongue might never forgive me.

5. I would do it all over again to help raise over $1,000 for a school system that I absolutely love.

6. And I'll take the sweet deal my neighbor offered me to purchase the lighting I borrowed for the evening. Because I can't wait to do this again next year!

So now I move on to the yearbook....which is due in less than a week. Send help...and coffee...and pictures. I don't care if the kids don't go to our school. I'm that desparate...and pathetic.

Goodbye forever.

Or until next week.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents Day!

Since Presidents Day fell on McKinley's 15th birthday we celebrated her for breakfast and lunch and presidents for dinner. It was our traditional meal (I'm saying that because I forgot to take pictures.) I did take Lincoln Log Cabin pictures so I'll share just a few:)

We of course had to have candles and the happy birthday song, so the cherry pie had to do. It worked! And was delish.

Hope you all had a wonderful Presidents Day:c)

Monday, February 21, 2011


How is this possible? I promise, she was just born. Do all moms feel that way or is it just me?

Here are my 15 favorite things about my Sweet Pea.

1. She was 11 days late and was born very sick, but she was a fighter and even with 67 sticks to get an IV started, she grew stronger every day.

2. God has given her an amazing singing voice. She doesn't want anyone to hear it though:{
3. She picks times to be a sweet big sister.
4. She is always willing to be my photo subject.
5. She inherited her mothers beautiful long eyelashes:c)
6. She's a great friend.
7. She's a wonderful help around the house.
8. She's always ready with a funny face to lighten the moment.
9. She is an award winning cookie baker.
10. She is obsessed with chickens and Mustangs. Random? Yes she is.
11. She's hot.
12. She's ending one musical study but beginning a new one.
13. She's famous and often bargain priced.
14. She's following most of the rules and taking excellent care of her braces. And trust me, we've discussed the consequences. (See picture on #13 since I can't find a better braces picture.)

15. She's beautiful. And she's all ours:c)

Friday, February 18, 2011

More Guinea Info

My sweet sweet lifelong friend Jani sent me an e-mail about my guinea post. You see, she lives on the street where the guineas spend the most of their time.

Here's what she had to say.

Just read your blog about the Guineas. Anytime you want to see them just come park on our street. They wander from house to house all down our block. The lady next door to us feeds them so they hang around her house a lot. But I have to tell you...if they get separated from each other...oh my...the noises that come out of those birds can be SO annoying because they don't stop until they are back together! They also get on our front porch and peck at our storm door. One time my youngest hadn't shut the storm door all the way and I came
walking by the piano and see a head sticking in my house. Scared me to death!!!!! LOL

Anytime you want to hang out on our are most welcome too. :o)

Isn't that hilarious? I'd completely forgotten about the sound they make. Probably because I had blocked it from my memory. As soon as I read her words I could hear it. And now I can't shut it off.

But, they're still cute. If they'd eat mosquitoes around the pool during the summer, I might consider getting a pair for our street!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Left Boot

I have favorite winter boots. They're not for warmth, they're for looks. Almost every time I wear them someone comments on them. I heart them. Bunches. I found them at a ritzy consignment store on $1 shoe day. I actually looked past them several times, but a weird lady who was also there told me I should try them on. I'm so glad she did! They're comfy and fashionable. What else do you need?

So you can see why at this moment, I am about to go crazy because I can only find one! Over a month ago I remember putting one away and telling myself, "I sure hope I can remember where I'm leaving the other one." Now why would I remember that, but not where it is? (And while we're on the subject, why would I only grab one?) I've offered rewards. I've pleaded for help. I've cleaned my house from top to bottom. I've moved furniture. The left one is no where to be found. Does that make sense?? Of course not! The house is only 2000 square feet, where could it have gone?

So my friends, if you find a perfect, stylish, comfortable, black left boot, call me. Maybe we can make a match.

I'm offering a reward:c)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anyone Have a Spit Wad?

Last Sunday my amazing Jalene asked me to be present when her three children were baptized at our church. We met on Twitter, figured out we lived in the same neighborhood, our children attended the same school, two even in the same grade, both loved photography, and had both just bought new cameras. After meeting in person we decided to take a photography class together. We now shoot events together like the Daddy Daughter Ball and soon our high schools prom! She is precious and I'm so glad I found her!

Since we are first service people (traditional) and her children were being baptized in second (contemporary), we all attended first, went to Sunday School, and sent Shawn, Kennedy, and Reagan to lunch. McKinley and I decided to take pictures and set out to get the best viewing spot. Hello 3rd floor. We joined the video, power point, and lighting people two stories up over looking the sanctuary.

Hello beautiful views. I've attended this church my entire life, but I never get tired of seeing how beautiful it is. From this vantage point I had a whole new view. Of course, I could also see the storage that's above the choir room. Oh well, the stained glass windows and organ pipes made up for it. And speaking of stained glass, hello gorgeous.

I have loved these windows since I was born. Well, maybe a little later. During the service there's some very snazzy 1960's curtains that cover them. At the end of the service when we're singing the Doxology the curtains raise and the light shines through them. I have enjoyed this moment every time I'm there.As we were listening to the sermon for the second time McKinley and I played 'spot the friends'. We would take turns saying we'd found someone and the other would have to try and find them. From behind. Two floors up. I of course had a zoom lens:c) I don't consider it cheating. No matter what she says.

Soon it was time for the baptism. Hello nice view. Thank you zoom lens:c)And howdy to the two pastor Dave's!