Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Have My Life Back

It took forever, but I finally finished the Ball pictures. Okay, it was under two weeks, but it felt like forever. In total, I edited 124 pictures. I brightened their eyes, whitened their teeth, cleared their complexions (if necessary), brightened the colors, and sharpened everything. It really made for a good picture, if I do say so myself. Then I uploaded them all to Sam's and set about ordering close to 200 copies. I couldn't close my eyes without seeing people sitting in front of a black background. With bright eyes and white smiles. I was overwhelmed.





Just in time to realize the elementary school yearbook I'm in charge of is due. Soon. Very soon.

My tongue is still stuck to the roof of my mouth from licking 123 envelopes, but that's another story for another day.

I just had to share some of my favorite pictures.

That tall girl is really goofy. Wonder who she belongs to. This is one of Reagan's best friends. Isn't she beautiful? She has the sweetest personality to go with it. I could keep her as one of my own if her parents wouldn't mind. They do though. Not that I've asked...I just know. Who else thinks these two need to go into modeling??? Love this picture! And now for my very favorites. I am truly blessed!

I thankfully learned some things from all of this.

1. Have more than one assistant to help with order form filling out. I did a lot of standing did the people in the line.

2. Black backgrounds are a dimensional. I need to invest in a yearbook one. You know what I mean? Or an Olan Mills one. Does that help explain it?

3. I will wear more comfortable shoes! If I own any.

4. I will get my lazy couch shaped tushie off the couch and get a wet rag to seal the envelopes with. My tongue might never forgive me.

5. I would do it all over again to help raise over $1,000 for a school system that I absolutely love.

6. And I'll take the sweet deal my neighbor offered me to purchase the lighting I borrowed for the evening. Because I can't wait to do this again next year!

So now I move on to the yearbook....which is due in less than a week. Send help...and coffee...and pictures. I don't care if the kids don't go to our school. I'm that desparate...and pathetic.

Goodbye forever.

Or until next week.


Cozyflier said...

Yes, you truly are blessed and talented! Good luck on the yearbook.

Nicki said...

What a huge accomplishment! Congrats and good luck with the yearbook! As for licking envelopes....every time I lick ONE, I end up with a paper cut on my lip or tongue!