Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

I know some of you are reading this from an area of the world where a foot of snow is nothing. But here in Oklahoma, this is big. This brings things to a screeching halt. Stores are swamped as panicking people buy milk, bread, and canned beans to prepare for whatever happens. I went Monday to get what I needed, not because I was panicked. Since my oven is broken and the part is on order, I was just getting things I could make on the stove top. So if we lost power, I was ready for that too.

The main thing I knew I had to have was coffee. Yes, I'm addicted to my Keurig and the Butter Toffee k-cups and I'm not afraid to admit it. Because then if you all really love me, you might send me some:)

Anyway, by the time the sleet started falling on Monday night, we were ready to be trapped indoors for a while. Shawn luckily didn't have to go to work and school had already been cancelled. Woo hoo! We all slept in Tuesday and by the time I got up and looked out a window, what I saw was drastically different from what I fell asleep to.

But as always, it was beautiful.

Since I never took my candle/jar/hanging dealies out of the Magnolia tree I got a new snow gauge. Each and every one of them was full. And do you see anything wrong with this picture?? Besides our summer laptop music speakers which probably won't work correctly this coming summer.

Can you see the pool cover? Yep, it's supposed to be level. The support straps that run width wise across it ripped loose and the cover is touching the bottom of the pool. That can't be good.

And this. I love how the leaves and branches are covered in snow. Covered. But do you see the leaves in the upper left corner? Nothing on them. I love specific snow.I also love how the snow had piled up on the doorknob to the pool house. It's even in the key hole. After taking pictures through the kitchen window (I love you all but I wasn't going outside to get better shots) I headed to the front of the house. I decided to shoot through the storm door. I could feel the cold air creeping through before I even opened the door. Old house, old everything. I was surprised to find this though. So that seal isn't very good apparently. And the storm door is one of the newest things on the house.

Reagan was thrilled and ran to get a cup. Five minutes later I heard her say it tasted bad. She needed fresh snow.When I couldn't handle the cold anymore I headed to my bedroom to crawl back in bed and warm up. I opened the blinds first and had to go get my camera again. Hello snow piles. This is a holly bush that obviously can handle a lot of snow. I never knew.Look at that build up! How did the back of my tree not get snow, but the very back of the holly bush up against the window and under the Yaupon tree, got this much? When I saw this I was intrigued. This is our Abelia bush again under the Yaupon tree up against the house. Look how each leaf has a pile but as you get lower it is a solid blob. A...maz...ing. I wish I'd been brave enough to go outside and investigate further. But I couldn't bring myself to. So I took pictures, crawled into bed, pulled up the covers, and thanked God for a warm house, and a safe family. Oh, and bread, milk, and canned beans:c)

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Wind does amazing things!