Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Love

When I got to Reagan's classroom for the Valentine's party she was bubbling over. She said she needed to show me what Evan had given her. I think we've established here before that he is the sweetest boy in the world.

And this proves it.It's a Love Pup.

Only I knew that she'd been wanting a pillow pet. But when he spotted it one Saturday he wanted to get it for her. The next Saturday he took all his money and a small loan from his mom, and bought it. His mom told me the story with the biggest smile on her face.

When McKinley saw it after school she said, "I want one of those!" When we asked her if it was a Pillow Pet or a boyfriend she wanted, she said, "Either!"

My Valentine and I hardly saw each other thanks to an emergency case that kept him late at the hospital, gymnastics, a soccer game, and a huge project that swamped me. But when we all made it home he'd bought each of his girls a single red rose. Years ago my grandmother said that she never needed a dozen roses, a single one was plenty. I agree one hundred percent. One is plenty.

Two hours after bedtime we were all gathered around the table eating Red Velvet cake with two recipes of ruined Fly Paper Icing. But that's another story for another day.

I hope you all spent your Valentine's day feeling loved:c) And I hope you had better icing than me.

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Crazed Mom's Man said...

Love you Honey! Glad we at least got a small amount of the day together. Love your blogging skills!

Crazed Mom's Man.