Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here We Go Again

I think.

This morning they said freezing rain would start at noon with 10-12 inches of snow following.

At 5 when nothing had happened they said it would start at 7 with 8-10 inches of snow falling.

At 10 they said it would start at midnight with 4 inches by 3 a.m.

School was called off at 9:48.

There is still nothing falling from the sky.

But it must be coming because every channel looks like this.
The whole state. The entire state. Just 60 miles northwest of us they've had constant snow since around 3.

So I'm headed to bed without seeing any snow.

But my alarm clock is getting turned off.

I'll see if anything happened when I get up in the morning.

Well, maybe afternoon:c)

1 comment:

Cozyflier said...

we had a dusting but it was soooooooo windy hardly anything stayed! Tech was cancelled until 11am but good old LISD was right on time! It was -19 wind chill!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes, I'm so glad I bought under armour for everyone!
good luck.