Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bird Brains

I grew up with a pet peacock. Have I ever told you all that? Her name was PeaChick and we had breakfast together every morning on the front step. She'd knock on the door with her beak and I'd come out with two pieces of toast. One with butter and jelly for me, and one plain for her. Considering I live smack dab in the middle of a city, and grew up across the street, that might be confusing to some of you. You see, I spent all school vacations living in the country with my grandparents. They lived just outside of a town, but with several acres around them, I considered it the country. When my uncle decided to be a veterinarian, my grandparents bought two of several animals, and started a zoo. Well, not really, but you know what can happen when you buy two of something. Soon you have 15 of everything. Mostly birds. Peacocks of course, chickens, ducks, pheasants, turkeys, quail, and one of my favorites, Guinea hens. During the day most of them wandered around the yard eating and um...making a mess. As the sun would set each night my Uncle Kevin (who is now a doctor, not a vet) and I were in charge of getting everyone back where they belonged. Most of them were easily to corral but the peacocks liked to fly into trees and it usually took a hose and some well placed water hits to get them out. But the Guinea Hens, they were just too dumb. They'd run scared and usually in about 20 different directions all at once. Bless them, they're funny looking and not too bright. They're handy to have around though so I guess it was worth the frustration.

I'd kind of forgotten about Guineas until we moved to a small town after we got married. There was a confusion (that group name is so perfect for them) of guineas that fed right next to the main highway. I always loved to see them there. They tend to go where ever they want and I never did figure out where those lived.

Over the last year since I started parking on the other side of the school to pick up the girls, I've been seeing something. I'd catch glimpses of what I thought were guineas and a few days ago they finally proved me right. Let me just say, in a school system with 1500 students and no bus system, there are tons of cars around this area every day. How these bird brains have survived this long, I'll never know. But aren't they cute? Okay, I know some people might not agree, but I think they're adorable. Maybe because we bonded when I was young. I don't know where these live, but I hope I get to see them again:c)


Cozyflier said...

HA! Oh the stories I've heard of Peachick over the years. Kevin could write a book!! Thanks for the link to my site, I have ski videos!

Aunt Carrie

Nicki said...

They are cute!!!! I would have loved to have a pet peacock for a pet! Way cool!!

manda said...

Oh my goodness! They are CUTE!! I love how round they are!!!