Friday, May 6, 2011

The Great Purse Flood of 2011

I am not a fan of bottled water so we don't often buy it.  Want to know why??  There's an excellent reason.  When I was pregnant with McKinley we were driving home from a trip and we stopped at a gas station to fill up and get drinks.  I was trying to avoid caffeine (I don't know what I was thinking) so I got a bottled water.  Somehow milk must have been spilled near the lid because it smelled sour.  An incredibly thirsty pregnant woman who had almost passed out smelling an over ripe cantaloupe just a few days earlier and sour water??  Those things just don't mix.  Either does that sentence, but we're moving on. 

That just ruined it for me.  That and I've lived in the same town most of my life and I like the water here.  It's very distinctively flavored.  Although as I've gotten older I do like it filtered a bit. 

So on to the actual story that goes with this post. 

You were waiting for that, weren't you?

We do often end up with water bottles though from various places.  Because I'm also cheap, we reuse them.  Recycled water bottles filled with my favorite water; best of both worlds! 

I had some volunteer work to do recently and on the way out the door I grabbed a snack and a water bottle and dropped them both in my purse.  Seven blocks later I reached into my purse to grab something and found that the entire bottle had emptied.  Now, you should know, my purse isn't like everyone else's.  I carry my camera, three lenses, an external flash, and my extra camera battery and charger. 

I instantly starting pulling things out and using my shirt to dry them off.  The only thing I could find in the house I was in that could be used was toilet paper.  My shirt seemed like the better choice.  The camera just had a few drops on it.  The lenses are all wrapped in something so they were fine.  Thank goodness so were the flash and battery.  Even my wallet survived.  So what saved all my precious items in my purse?  That would be the three purse sized packages of Kleenex.  What?  I'm an allergy sufferer. 

So I, and my camera and accesories, survived The Great Purse Flood of 2011.  And yes I've learned my lesson.  I have gone back to carrying my camera in an actual camera bag.  And I don't carry my recycled water bottles in my purse anymore.  Okay, often. 

Lesson learned.  Sort of.

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Cozyflier said...

Phew! that was a close one. What happened to the fancy camera bag purse?