Friday, May 20, 2011

Gold Medal Winner

I headed to Reagan's last Round Up this morning because she was going to be getting a math award.  During the school year the students are given tests called Math Tracks.  After you pass the preliminary tests in your class, you get to go to the Principal's Test.  If you pass that, you move up to the next harder one.  At the end of the school year students get medals based on how many they've passed.  Bronze, Silver, or Gold.  In first grade Reagan was one of two who got a gold.  A Math Whiz t-shirt was thrown in and it's still one of her favorite things.  In second grade her teacher saw that she was doing so well and moved her up a level.  Reagan panicked and was so worried she didn't end up passing it.  She was crushed when she got a silver medal.  But this year she was back on top!
I'm sure she gets her math skills from me:c)

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