Friday, May 13, 2011

Banquet Hangover

Since I usually am manning an auction table and then helping organize the bid sheets after the auction closes, I don't sit in my seat.  Which means I don't eat my dinner.  But this year I was the photographer so I got to spend some time in my seat.  Never more than 5 minutes, but enough time to eat a bit.  With my food allergies I knew not to eat a lot, but thought a few bites would be okay.  The salad dressing was at the bottom of the salad and I knew it wasn't Ranch so I had a few bites.  It was so garlicky that we were all laughing that even though our breath stunk, at least we all had the same smell.  Shawn had to leave to take the girls to piano and he said without even opening his mouth, they could smell it when they got in the car!  When the chicken, potatoes, and green beans came I scrapped the gravy off the chicken (if it had broth or bouillon cubes I would have been in trouble) and ate a few bites of each.  I knew the green beans would fine, and assumed the potatoes would too. 

Guess I was wrong.

In about 10 minutes I had a headache.  Not a migraine, because I didn't go blind, but a headache.  I don't know that I've ever reacted that fast.  I downed a glass of water, 4 Advil, and my lemon dessert.  What?  It couldn't hurt.  I had to finish helping that evening but as soon as I could I let Shawn take me home.

And now, almost 24 hours later??  Yep, still in pain.  I wonder what in the world was in that food!

And I wonder if this garlic breath secreeting itself from every pore of mine and Shawn's body, will ever be tamed.

I'll keep you updated.

I know you're all on the edge of your seats.

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