Monday, May 30, 2011

She's Gradeated!

Friday we headed to Lubbock for Ashley's graduation.  We wouldn't have missed it for the world.  We also got to see the Funk's and catch up on some serious family bonding:c)

Saturday night we headed to one of my least favorite places.  The Texas Tech campus.  Only for Ashley.  And Tyler two years before.  I wondered how they got all three high schools through when I noticed this on the overhead screen.
They do all three on the same day!  Wow.  I don't think I've ever been to a 10 a.m. graduation.  Luckily we were attending the 6 p.m. one.

Shawn had bought me a doubler for my telephoto lens earlier that day so that I could get some good shots of Ashley getting her diploma.  I really wish I'd had a few days to play with it.  That much weight and distance is an adjustment!  I didn't want to keep changing lenses so I couldn't get the whole class in one...unless I took it from an image from the overhead screen. 

My class of 72 looks incredibly small.


I can't even imagine a class this size.  I think there were over 500. 
Ashley had told us that the girls were 'supposed' to wear heels.  It was interesting to see all the interpretations of heels.  And it was interesting to see all the different heels!  These kept catching my eye.  Probably because they were sparkly:)
I have a friend named Tammy that grew up in the same small school that I did.  She didn't finish there though.  We lost contact and it wasn't until she popped up on myspace years ago that I found out she'd moved to Lubbock.  Two years ago when we were there visiting the girls and I met her, her son Stormy, and her twin daughters at a park and caught up.  Because of that I got an invitation to Stormy's graduation and party.  Tammy had no idea that I was going to be in town.  And I decided to surprise her!  As we walked into her house I realized I didn't know a single person.  So I had to explain who I was to everyone who was staring at me.  Finally Tammy came around the corner and got a pretty big surprise!  I loved it.  I got to spend some time with her family, we swapped some stories, and left with a big smile on my face.

Later that night I posted this picture on her Facebook wall. 
We both love how the school board member is....scratching his nose.

And then it was time.  Our Ashley!
And then it was time.  The turning of the tassel.  Unless you're Ashley.
Yep.  She pulled it right off.  And spent a few seconds just staring at it.
Only Ashley.
And for the final picture I finally got the doubler, the telephoto lens, and the shaky arms to align. good shot from the whole night.
And the pre-graduation shot.....
Isn't she beautiful?

Aren't I fat?

Don't answer that second one.

I beg of you.


Nicki said...

She IS beautiful and you are NOT fat! Congrats, Ashley!! I lost my tassel right after I got my diploma. A hassle with the tassel sucks!

Anonymous said...

i love you and ashley. and on the last photo you are NOT FAT!!!!!!