Monday, May 2, 2011

My trio!

Our church partnered with Swaziland several years ago and started fund raising and sending mission teams.  A new fund raiser was started this year, an auction and dinner.  It was $75 a plate and since I'm cheap, and we're busy, we didn't plan on going.  But then we got a call. 

A few years ago on a mission trip our music minister went with a mission of his own.  He had songs that he taught to the locals.  He then recorded them.  A few months later at church our choir, who had learned the same songs, sang with the Swazi recording.  It was amazing. 

For the dinner and auction they wanted to do a few of those songs.  Instead of getting a children's choir together and teaching them one of the songs, they called and asked if my girls would do it.  I of course said yes, for them, and took them to the first practice.  There wasn't music written for the three part harmony yet so our director just gave them the chord and off they went.  I know they're mine, but they are pretty stinking talented.  The director said they did beautifully but he'd still get the music written and send it to us. 

After I'd printed the music out I called the girls around the piano, figured out the sharps and flats, and started playing for them.  They kept getting ahead of me though!  They seemed to get annoyed with my long pauses and picking out notes with the Every-Good-Boy-Does-Fine method.  So I just hit the notes that I could.  And they carried on just fine.

When we got there that night for their sound check I thought I'd go ahead and video it since I knew I'd be nervous.  Oh, and them, too!  I took some pictures during the first practice and whipped out the video camera I don't know how to use for the second run through.  I was feeling pretty good about my video skills when a friend and her daughter walked in front of me.  They noticed about halfway through and kind of ducked down.  But then the husband and dad came through and didn't feel the need to duck.  He sort of apologized later when I brought it up.  So I recorded the real performance when they sang.  From really far back in the back at the 'free dinner' table:)  And I was shaking a bit out of sheer nervousness of my girls singing in front of over 400 people.  And I might have been tearing up a bit.  Maybe. 

So here's the first video.  Even with the heads, it's still the best of the two.  And no matter what, I am one proud mom.  And that's the most important thing:c)

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