Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Things About Owning a Convertible

In this first week of owning a convertible I've learned a few things.

1.  It's not a good idea to blow bubbles while driving with the top down.
2.  In Oklahoma, in May, when driving by Cotton Wood trees, you can get it stuck in your lip gloss.
3.  Having some headbands and big hair clips in the glove compartment is a good idea.
4.  Heated seats and floor vents make it possible to keep the top down even if the temperature drops.
5.  When faced with an out of town trip, while head over heels in love with the EOS, Shawn will start researching pricing on U-Haul trailers.  
6.  After purchasing a car that seats only 4 of the 5 people in our family, we may or may not plan stuff around one of the girls being at a friends house for the night.
7.  I did a little happy dance when I filled it up for the first time.  
8.  After dark I still need sunglasses because there's a lot of stuff flying in the air.
9.  Bugs can get into the car....anytime they want.
10. I can dry my hair after a shower in a quick trip.

So, we're still in love.  And I don't ever see an end coming. 

It's a blast.

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