Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Storm

When we left the voice recital last night the sky was purple.
The Middle School awards assembly had been cancelled because of possible bad weather.  I was thrilled because it meant I didn't have to grab Kennedy and run back and forth the few blocks between the church and school.  As we were getting in the car it sprinkled a bit.  The sky, the cancelled assembly, and the 10 drops of rain freaked McKinley out.  So as soon as we got home we turned on the weather.  Nothing was near us so she went to bed relieved.  But after she was gone the weather man said that tomorrow was going to be 100x worse. 


In two blocks we are the only house that doesn't have a basement.  I wish I knew why.  But that just means we have our pick of which neighbor we want to bless with our presence.  Since we have a key to my old house across the street, we have always gone there.  But if I had to pick a place in our house that would be the safest, I'd pick under the stairs.  Which is my pantry.  Starting early this morning I did what I always do when bad weather is coming....stuff the pantry.  I take all the pictures off the walls that aren't scanned and saved.  That would be just about every single one.  I have a lot of old family pictures.  Next goes our wedding album, and my parents.  And since I had someplace to go during the day, my laptop and my camera.  McKinley saw me doing this and got freaked out again.  That my friends is bad parenting.  She was headed to take a final.  I quickly assured her that every time I did that nothing ever happened.  She seemed to be okay with that.

I spent the next several hours getting my gray hair covered and my Hooker Highlights fixed. With my box of Kleenex. Want proof?

Oh, and a Sonic drink. 

I should have warned you it wasn't pretty. 

My friend that does my hair was really concerned about the weather.  She'd told her husband his job for the day was to find a place for them to go that was underground.  I was thinking of more things to put in the pantry.

When the girls and I got home from school we turned on the news and just sat and watched.  Soon enough a tornado was on the ground in a neighboring town.  We were still fine.  But when it got to a much closer neighboring town I started planning our move across the street.  When Shawn called and asked if we'd left I got really concerned.  I am always begging him to leave with us and he's always saying we're fine.  The year that our town was actually hit and we lost our garage door I carried all three girls across the street in the rain and then called and threatened to divorce him if he didn't join us.  So as soon as I hung up we headed over.  After about 30 minutes of sitting in their great room I had the girls take our stuff to the basement.  And they asked if they could stay down there.  I was glued to the tv and was tracking Shawn to see if he was coming home or staying at work.  I was so relieved when I tracked him on our street and ran to the door and found him there. 

The weather people were showing the tornadoes on the ground and from the sky.  The debris clouds were showing up on radar.  It was bad.  About 10 miles from us there was total destruction.  One of our 2nd grade teachers lost everything.  Including her horses.  I heard on Twitter that horses in that area were being found with metal pieces sticking through their bodies.  A Twitter friends husband was asked to shoot 3 horses of a friend who all had something stuck in them.  We never had to get in the basement, and for that I am so grateful. 

A TNT friend's in-laws also lost everything.  She took over 100 pictures and shared them on her profile page.  Take a look.  It's amazing.  If this link doesn't work please tell me.  I want you all to see that even though these people lost everything, they are so blessed to be alive.  Two miles away a mom, her 5 year old daughter, 3 year old son, and 15 month old son took refuge in a bathtub with a mattress over them.  The mom, 5 year old, and 15 month old were taken to the hospital for serious injuries.  The 3 year old son is missing. 

Although I'm so happy we're okay my heart is breaking for those affected. 

Join me in praying for them.

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