Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shimmers After Hours

We got a nice surprise last night.  Our sweet friend Debbie and her girls Amanda and Emily came to visit!  I had been noticing her Facebook status updates and knew she was in a different town than the one she lives in, but didn't know where.  When I got a text asking if I wanted to go to Shimmers, I knew they had to be in our town!  They were close enough to buy a few things to help with dinner, and far enough away that I had time to pick up our cluttered house!  After a dinner of grilled pork quesadillas we sat down to talk but soon knew we had to head to Shimmers.  It's a tradition. 

Shawn had somewhere else to be, and McKinley and Kennedy were both gone for the night, so Reagan and I took Amanda and Emily in the Eos and Debbie followed in their car. I don't remember what time we got there...but we didn't leave until it had been closed for about 2 hours. After sitting at a table and eating we slowly walked to our cars...and talked for the next 2 and a half hours. And the three girls? They played.

In the car.

In the grass.

In the storm drain.

In the parking lot.

And when the sprinklers started, they played in the galoons and gallons of water that poured out of the broken sprinklers.
 Um, gallons.

Right next to the little building that Shimmers is in there is a small grassy area with tables. There are probably 4 sprinklers there. 3 don't do anything, and 1 pours water over the curb and down the hill of the parking lot. It was a river of excitement for the 3 girls. They did pretty well in staying dry, mainly just got their feet wet. That was good since they had an hour and a half trip home. But then it happened...the fountain.
I really think they need to check the sprinkler system in this shopping area. 

Know what happens when 3 girls who have been playing nicely in a river of water see a fountain?  They instantly get wet. 


To the bone.

And had an absolute blast doing it.  How could we stop them?

Debbie had blankets in the car for her girls but I didn't know what to do.  We don't keep anything in the Eos for these situations.  But when I opened the trunk I saw Shawn's emergency scrubs.  Since he's always on call he put those in their to ward off call-ins while we were out breaking in the new car.  So Reagan got wrapped up in those.  And looks pretty stinking cute!
And another interesting tidbit about Shimmers...I received an exciting comment on a post about Shimmers.  You can read it here.  Yep, I consider her a celebrity and love that she found my blog!  Maybe she'll find this one and know to have the sprinklers checked!

This should help get the info passed on to the right people:c)

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Anonymous said...

that is really funny stephfnk!!! I hope they had fun! Love you awesome cousin, amelia.