Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last Wednesday we left tumbling at 7 with no idea what I was going to fix for dinner.  Tumbling at 6 throws my meal planning for a loop.  I either need to put something in the Crock Pot, or just plead ignorance and ask to go out.  McKinley couldn't stand the indecision and said she'd buy dinner at our local BBQ place. 

I love their chopped brisket sandwiches and okra.  I used to love their fries also but had a reaction over a year ago after eating them.  Not a migraine, but I started getting really hot and my heart raced after eating a few of them.  Shortly after that I went to dinner with a group of girls and the wife of the owner of the BBQ place.  I asked her if she knew if they'd changed the seasoning salt on their fries.  That's usually the culprit.  She said they hadn't made any changes.  Still, I didn't eat them the next several times we went there.  After all, the sandwich, okra, and fries are a bit of a calorie load.  (Haven't we just been talking about my inability to lose weight??  Hmmm...) But on that Wednesday night I couldn't help myself.  Reagan had asked for okra but was given fries instead.  While she was waiting for her okra the fries were staring at me.  How can you turn down fries that are begging to be eaten?  I had some and had no reaction so I had some more. 

Wouldn't you know it?  I had a migraine Thursday.  My usual fix of oil pulling beat it but I still took it easy the rest of the day.  So now I'm typing this all out and sending it out to the blogger universe so that I'll remember not to eat those fries again! 

Such a shame though...they're really good fries.

But nothing tastes as good as being migraine free feels.

Maybe I should write that down somewhere.....

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