Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eos Adventures

I'm deeply in love with this car.

I might need to seek help.

I'm looking for excuses to go places.

Need me to run some errands for you?

Kidding.  Sort of.

Since it's a hard top convertible the top goes into the trunk when it goes down.  That means the trunk space is not exactly huge.  But who cares??  It's an awesome convertible!  But the trunk size became a problem when McKinley and I were doing the usual shopping at Sam's.  As we were walking out the door with over a hundred dollars of purchases, it hit me.  We were in the Eos.  How in the world was everything going to fit.  I started picking out things that would fit in the back seat when McKinley told me to stop worrying, she knew she could make it fit.  I just stood back and watches while she symmetrically put it all in.  I was quite impressed. 

But when I went to Wal-Mart alone recently I again worried as I walked out to the car.  I had the trunk and the whole car to fill but I knew the sound of the plastic sacks rustling in the wind would drive me over the edge on the way home.  So I just started shoving.  And shoving.  And pushing.  And hoping.  And it fit.
So maybe my trunk is bigger than I think. 

Since then though, we've found its limits.  A poster board will not fit.  It's about 3 inches too long.  And...a watermelon.

But no worries. Reagan said she'd take care of it. And she didn't think it would be safe enough sitting in the empty seat next to her.
I'm so glad she took such good care of it because that thing was delish!  Of course, with my grandpa's picking method, we very rarely get a bad one:c)

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Unknown said...

What is your Grandpa's method for picking watermelons?