Monday, June 20, 2011

Staging Adventures

While I was left alone for the week I had one day that I had to work.  Is it really considered work when your boss is such a good friend?  Well, in the Oklahoma heat it is.  After all, a house we staged a year ago was finally selling.  Apparently it was perfect in every way except for the one car garage.  Until a single mom saw it.  For her it was just right. 

Since Shawn and the girls had taken the Expedition to camp I couldn't be of much help with a house full of furniture.  So Lisa swapped her 4Runner for her husband's truck and we crossed our fingers. 

The first load was filled to the brim.

We had the back seat full as well.  And we still had more to do.

As if we weren't hot enough from loading it, we had to unload everything at the storage unit.  The pretty full storage unit.  That we had to organize as quickly as possible.  Quick is good in productivity, but bad in heat. 

After a trip to Goodwill we went back to the house to hope we could get everything else in a second load.  I stayed downstairs while Lisa went up.  I loaded what was there and went up to find her like this.
Really?  Must I do all the work??

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