Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well Hail

Tuesday night we were all relaxing in the den when we heard something.  Being Okies we raced to the windows.  And saw a perfectly sunny sky...with hail falling out of it. 

So of course, being Okies, we ran out into it to grab some to photograph and upload to Facebook and Twitter. We had to share it with our friends! And let me say, just a few blocks away from us there was completely looking hail. Or none at all. Oklahoma never fails to impress.

It's actually pretty, isn't it.

Unless you've recently bought a third car and now have one sitting outside taking the hits.

I felt so guilty and sorry for the Taurus.  After the hail had stopped we went out to survey the damage and saw our neighbor doing the same.  To our car.  You know what?  It wasn't as bad as we'd thought it would be.  After all, we'd seen it bouncing off the car for at least 5 minutes.  When we asked our neighbor where his car was he said he'd put it in the garage of the vacant house across the street.  (It's okay.  He has been maintaining the yard and we all know the family.)  He also mentioned that there was more hail in the forecast.  And then he asked if we wanted to put the Taurus in with his van.  It's a two car garage...that had a storage room built into one side of it.  So it was about a 1 3/4 car garage now.  The Taurus went in fine...but there wasn't a lot of room for a 6'4" guy to open the door and get out.

No worries.  That's where the sunroof comes in. 

Never a dull moment around here!

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