Friday, June 3, 2011

Camp :):

My family leaves for camp 10 a.m....and I'm already sad.

I have plenty to keep me busy.

Here's a glimpse at my To-Do List.

*Scrape, prime, and paint the south side the house.
*Rake up two months worth of Magnolia leaves.
*Spray paint and Rub & Buff all the frames over the piano
*Make old frame into a bulletin board type thingie with chicken wire.
*Clean the house
*Clean out several flower beds
*Re-stain an area of the porch
*Visit them all day Wednesday:c)

*Have dinner with a good friend.
*Keep the dog alive.

*Try not to die of lonliness.

Wish me luck because the only thing I'm excited about is seeing them Wednesday.

Oh boy.

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