Friday, September 12, 2008


In reading The Pioneer Woman's blog I found that she knew what people had searched for to end up at her blog. Intrigued, I set about finding out how she knew that. Enter statcounter. It's so much fun. And a little scary. Fun because I know where people came from (what website), what they searched for to find me, how often they visit, and how long they stay. Scary because I know where they live and who they get their internet service through. Weird, isn't it??

Anywho...I like to check from time to time to see how they found me. Here are some of my recent favorites.

1.) bathing mom girlies
2.) brackets cute
3.) bubble stick string
4.) Reaganisms
5.) where's the beef old lady
6.) juicing for the lungs

1.) Camarillo, California-bathing mom girlies-interesting thing to type in, I must say! But I can't help you with that. I am not a bathing mom as was in my Yes, I'm being lazy post. I was reminded why recently while watching Seinfeld. Kramer took a bath and hated it. He described it to Jerry as 'sitting in a tepid pool of my own filth.' I don't think I could have said it better if I'd tried.

2.) Mexico-brackets cute-I'm just taking a guess but I would think you didn't want to find out my magical method of choosing March Madness teams by cutest coach. Sorry about that.

3.) Estherville, Iowa-bubble stick string-you might have actually found what you were looking for when you came to me! Imagine that! I think our string was a little thick but thankfully my cookie cutter collection saved our bubble blowing day!

4.) Los Angeles, California-reaganisms-bet you didn't remember President Reagan wanting a Hamster Swing, did you? It didn't get very much news coverage.

5.) Wallingford, Connecticut-where the beef old lady-I loved her! She is one of the few commercials I remember from my youth. You probably didn't want this though when you typed that in. My apologies.

6.) ????????-juicing for the lungs-I would love to know what you found after you left my site because it in no ways helped you with your request. I wish you luck with your juicing! Oh, and good job keeping your city and state off the statcounter. Wonder how you did that.......

Well, there it is. The searches that brought people to my blog. I have found a new obsession. Like I needed another one of those. Keep searching and finding me. It helps me spend more time on the couch!!

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Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

That is very interesting. How WEIRD!