Monday, September 1, 2008

The Birds! The Birds!

I have a second refrigerator in the pool house. It makes my life complete. It keeps me sane. It helps me stay organized. It's not the reason for this post. Moving on.

We have a bird house outside the pool house door that has regular tenants. A few times each summer I will be merrily on my way to the fridge and get completely freaked out when I discover a scared bird trying to find the way out. We both panic and flit about trying to decide what to do. After many failed attempts at catching one I just quickly leave and make sure the door is wide open.

We recently had friends over to swim and the girls discovered not one, but nine birds caught in the pool house. I passed on part of my infinite parenting wisdom and told them to just leave the door open. As most children go, they ignored me completely, shut the door, and started bird catching. I don't know how, but they ended up catching 5 of them! Each time they brought their trophies to the moms to show off. After being held by no less then 4 children, each terrified bird was released to try and find it's way home. Imagine my surprise when later I went out to the refrigerator and found, oh yes, three birds. We all panicked and I ran out...leaving the door wide open. Maybe some day they'll learn.
No bird wants to live through this!

Apparently bird catching can make some people a little crazy!

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Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

i just noticed that as your girls get younger their hair gets lighter.