Thursday, September 11, 2008

'Honey Do's'

While the girls and I were schlepping around Florida doing all things Disney, Shawn was home with a 'honey do' list. He was supposed to have a bunch of free time to do things like stain the front porch and paint the girls room. Well, apparently he was too busy being entertained by the multitudes of my family who assumed he's starve to death while I was gone. Since then I've been promising the girls that there room would be done before school started. Mmm...I think that school has been in for almost a month.

I'm supposed to be having a garage sale today and tomorrow but thanks to a monsoon I've been given another week to dig. I spent way to much time yesterday going through their room cleaning things out. Baby blankets (not that anyone made, don't worry), Barbies, Polly Pocket, blocks, dead markers, broken crayons, baby's all going. The money that we make will be used to buy paint and new decorations. I've been spending way too much time trying to find the perfect Tiffany Box Blue to go with the black that I'm painting the trim. While shopping in a local paint store I found this sign:

Now I'm glad Shawn didn't get around to paining!

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