Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Oh boy. This whole half marathon thing is getting to be a...what's a good word? It's not a chore, not a bother or nuisance...but it's something. It takes a lot of time! Letters, running, fund raising, cross training...it's involved.

I won't quit. I am a HUGE quitter but this is something bigger then me so I won't let my friends down. But wow, it's a big commitment. That's the word!

I have just been overwhelmed lately with life in general.

Okay, enough whining!

This Saturday will be the first anniversary of Mitchell's death. I know it will be hard for the Whitaker's. Of course it will be. I, of course, have been thinking mostly of me and this e-mail from Tracy put everything back in perspective.

Hey girls,

Just a quick note……..forgive me if I seem a little scattered this week, I am just trying to get through it. Many of you have been asking me what my “plans” are for this week or more specifically for the anniversary of Mitchell’s death (Sept. 27th). I plan on running my heart out that morning with the best group of friends a girl could ask for! There is no place I would rather be than to be there….doing what we gotta do! If you have not made it to a run lately or yet I encourage you to make it to this one and remember WHY we are doing this.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and concerns……….today, has been hard…….one year ago today John and I made the hardest and most heart wrenching decision of our lives as we decided to not continue treatment……all roads lead to death…..we just chose the less suffering one for Mitchell, 5 days later he was gone.

Keep us in your prayers…..much love,


How can anything that I'm going through right now even begin to compare to what they did? How can I complain and moan about what I've having to do to run this half marathon? It needed to be put in perspective. Now it has been.

My only regret? I won't be at the group run this Saturday. I'll be in Branson on a much needed girlfriend weekend trip. I'll be running alone on Saturday, but I will be thinking only of the Whitakers.

Please take a moment to stop by their blog and read a bit about this amazing family. Then stop by mine and catch up with my fundraising.

Thank you.


Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

I'd like to do something to help you raise money - using my blog a an outlet. I was thinking that I could write a post about Mitchell on September 27 and for the next days three days let it run. For every comment I get on that post, I'll donate a certain dollar amount - per post. I could alo do a match. Let me know your thoughts.

Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

-- i mean per comment.