Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey!!

Today is my wonderful husband Shawn's birthday. 38 years old. He is my everything; my best friend, my number one cheerleader, the man of my dreams.

In the spirit of the 100 things about me, I thought I'd list 38 things about Shawn that I love.

1. He is teaching our girls what a husband and father should be.

2. He eats everything I cook. Everything.

3. The first time he met my family there were over 80 of them. He fit in perfectly and even knew things about people that I didn't by the end of the day.

4. He would do any household chore for my mom while we were dating.

5. That included fixing a hole in the ceiling that his knee created.

6. He will help anyone in my family with anything they need. Computer, electical, plumbing, or yard work.

7. He plays soccer for three different indoor teams to keep in shape.

8. It's a good shape:)

9. He is a wonderful son to his mom and dad.

10. He proudly served his country in the Navy and Army.

11. He got out of the Army when we found out he would go to Korea for a year without McKinley and me.

12. He let me name our children after assassinated Presidents.

13. He let me make the girls middle names after amazing women in my family.

14. He left his family and hometown behind to move to mine.

15. He understands the importance of me being a stay-at-home mom with our girls.

16. He is a man of God.

17. He drives just fast enough to keep me on the edge of my seat!

18. He buys me cars that have all the bells and whistles.

19. He didn't want to own a tv but went out and bought one while we were dating so I could watch a movie.

20. He lets me make all the decorating desicions in our house and helps me with anything that I do.

21. He always compliments my new hairdos, even when I didn't get one!

22. He would rather read an owners manual then a novel.

23. He can fix anything in the house that I happen to break.

24. He has put up with me almost everyday for the last 13 1/2 years.

25. He gives 3 days a year to be the camp nurse at the schools 5th grade camp. He'll do it for 9 years and our girls will only be there 3 of those!

26. He takes excellent care of all the women in this house.

27. He has compassion toward the girls aches and pains when I don't see blood and tell them they're fine.

28. He is a big kid at heart and bought Rock Band for the Wii while we were at Disney World. Because it's a group game he called the neighbor children and asked if they could come down and play.

29. He keeps me sane.

30. He attends the traditional Sunday morning church service with me even though he would prefer the contemporary.

31. He takes amazing care of the pool all summer long and rarely swims in it.

32. He never minds going to the store for me for the one thing that I forgot in a $200 trip.

33. He thinks my blog is funny:C)

34. He feels like Super Glue will fix just about anything, even busted chins.

35. He tastes milk for me when I think it might be a little past its prime.

36. He let us go to Disney World without him because he knew it was an amazing oppurtunity for the girls.

37. He let me paint his office Basil Green.

38. He is hot!! And all mine:)

Happy birthday honey. I love you!


Kristie said...

Happy Birthday to Shawn!! And he's going to spend his birthday week taking care of the rest of us at Camp Classen ??? What a good sport! :)

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Shawn!

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

What a great tribute, Steph. Thanks for letting us have a peek in the window of you marriage. I cried when I got to the one where he left the Army when he couldn't take you and McKinley to Korean.