Monday, September 22, 2008

Huh? Again.

I had to go for a mammogram today. So exciting. As I was waiting for them to call me I searched the waiting room for my favorite thing, People magazine. It makes waiting for appointments so much better. Low and behold, no People. What I did find was Mens Health, Motor Trend, and GQ.

Wait, don't woman have mammograms? Not so much men?

I made one last ditch circle of the area and came up with a magazine called Watercolor. Mmmm, not so much. I resorted to checking my e-mail on my phone.

After the whole 'squishing' ordeal was over I was checking out and scheduling next years appointment when the receptionist said, "Oops". Not good, even from a receptionist. It appeared that since I'm only 35 I shouldn't be getting these every year. It's not necessary until 40. It all boiled down to, insurance could possibly deny it. She then asked if I had a family history that would warrant a yearly exam at my age. I let her have it, the details, the gory details. I held nothing back. Mom, grandma, great aunts. Ages, recurrences, complications. She just stared. Then she asked me to call a doctor and discuss being in a high risk group that will help set new guidelines.

So there! I might be high risk enough to warrant it! Wait, is that a good thing? I'm still trying to decide about calling the doctor.

If they'd had a People, this decision would be so much easier.


Robin said...

I've had the same issues for years. I've been getting mammograms (and ultrasounds and even 2 MRI's) since I was 21 and they always seem confused as to why I'm there. Maybe because I don't want to die like my mom did!

Kelly said...

The more I read the more I realize that we have so much in common!!! If I ever move I'll look you up!!!

Liz Harrell said...

I do not look forward to starting these. But good for you, I think starting at 40 isnt early enough.