Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wife Swap

Okay, honestly. Why am I still awake at 11:25 watching Wife Swap? Can someone please tell me why it fascinates me? I really need to understand.

Have you seen it? Two wives, who are absolute opposites, switch places for two weeks. For one week they follow the house rules, the next, they enforce their own. Of course they pick Republicans/punk rockers, disciplined families/do what you want families...I never knew there were people like this in the world! I know I live in my Nazarene bubble, across the street from where I grew up, but come on. Are there really people who let their children do whatever they want, no responsibility, no rules, no consequences? Are there families who live in filth and think it's normal? Are there married couples who share their bed with a goat? Are there families who are so scheduled that children aren't allowed to speak to their father after 9 p.m.? Yes, there are, and they're on Wife Swap!

I can't look away!

Send help, I have to get up at 4:55 a.m. to run 3 miles.

It's now 11:43, and the wives have just read the families their new rules.

Better go set the coffee pot to start in the morning.

Send help!


Renee said...

It's like watching a train wreck, isn't it?! lol!

A.C.A. said...

You need TIVO. That's how I watch it!

Tyler said...

Hope you don't ever come to my house where the kids run wild and it's pretty filthy! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh girl...I am totally hooked on that show. Seriously.