Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yesterday at breakfast Reagan wanted to know if it was too early to ask Santa for something. She asked if he would forget since it wasn't close to Christmas. I told her that I was pretty sure that it would be alright.

You'll never guess what she asked for...a Hamster Swing.

We've had hamsters, twice. A mom and daughter first. The mom ate the daughter. I discovered it. I haven't fully recovered. Next we had a set of brothers. The little one ate the big one. I discovered it. I still have nightmares. We will never again have hamsters.

So why do we need a Hamster Swing? I had to know more.

I mentioned to her that we didn't have hamsters. She said we didn't need one. I asked her where we would put it, she said in the tree. When I asked her which tree she pointed out the window and told me it would be where the old one was.


A Hammock Swing! It's all making sense!

I wonder if Santa reads my blog.

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Margaret Glyn said...

Santa to the rescue! I am sure I have a Brazilian hammock--new--that would go nicely in your tree. Since I have no tree and no covered patio (as in the Valley) I would love to have it used by family. Gigi