Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi everyone in blogger land! This is Shawn, Steph's better half reporting to you live from the bedroom. I'm pretty tired after my soccer game - we lost by 1 and I only scored one goal for my team. I gotta lose some more weight if I'm going to be a major threat. My ideal weight would be 200. Got 30 pounds to go. The main problem with me losing weight, the reason I got in this spot, is because Stephanie is an incredible cook! I was going to insert a picture of Stephanie cooking right here, but I can't find one right now, but I did find this funny video clip. Enjoy:
I didn't quite get all recorded, but he sings: "Three strikes you're DEAD at the ole ball gaaaaammme"

Well I just realized that I forgot to tell you why I am doing Stephanie's blog instead of her doing it. Well let me just say that she is getting relief from her CRAZED LIFE!!! She took 4 of her girlfriends to Branson to have some fun shopping and movie watching and just having a break from the CRAZED MOM LIFE! I know, I know. I am such a wonderful husband! Thanks. It's no big deal. Actually, I will get my turn next week when I will go with the 5th graders to Camp Classen and be their camp nurse. This is my 5th year to do it and I wouldn't trade it for anything - as a matter of fact, I told my boss right after I took my new job in April that I have to have the first Wed-Fri off in October.

I'm watching the Oregon State/USC game and I am not a bit surprised that USC is coming back.

Anyway, I guess I've entered enough text for you to faaalllll aaasssssssslllllllleeeeeppppppppp. Steph will be baaack onnnn Sundaaay.




Robin said...

Thanks for your update Shawn. Enjoy the weekend with your girls!

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

How sweet of you. If I let Robert get ahold of my blog he'd write about accounting and auditing and I'd lose my humble following. LOL!
I wanted to tell Steph that I added her blog link to the Mitchell entry. I meant to do that, but just overlooked it. It's revised now.