Friday, October 17, 2008

Painting Numero 2

After 8 hours of painting yesterday I'm less then half done. How sad is that? Add that to the two and a half hours spent cleaning the tons of junk that has accumulated over the last five years since I last painted it.

On a happier note...I'm in love. I keep telling the girls that I'm going to finish the room and move myself in. It's beautiful. Or, it is going to be. I can see the end result in my mind.

Well, there were a few guesses on the color schemes.

AVT coach-"blues? greens? golds?

new mom in law-old colors-pale blue or green, new color-pink

jenx67-brown and pink are the new black

Great guessing girls!

Drumroll please.....the old colors

were green and purple!

As you can see, there's a lot of color. The one wall of built in cabinets and bookshelves kind of jumps out at you.

So, the new colors. I am not a decorator by any means. My house doesn't exactly have a style. It's more a collection. After my mom died I inherited all of her things. I guess that makes the house traditional. Needless to say, I am decorating challenged. Most of my ideas come from other places or people. This one though...I'm claiming it.

Okay, enough beating around the bush. I'm doing Tiffany Box Blue with Shiny Black trim. Oh, I'm all tingly!

Now, the kicker. Paneling. Oh the paneling! It's not your 1970's thin, cheap paneling like what I'm looking at right now in the den. It's beautiful, heavily grooved paneling that is wonderful, until you have to paint it. No roller has ever been created that can get into the grooves. Soooo, I roll the flat areas

and then use a brush to fill in the grooves. Now you understand the 8 hours. For only the first coat. Oh boy. Did I mention it's on the ceiling also? If I couldn't see the end result in my head, I think I would have lost my mind at this point.

But I press on toward the prize which I have been called upstairs to finish. That was a shameless use of a wonderful Bible verse if I've ever heard one. Please forgive.

More pictures to come!


Kelly said...

I can't wait to see the end results. I'm so glad that my brother does that for a living!! He just did our whole the begining of this year anyway....

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

it looks fantastic.

remember when i told you at our meeting peeps could contribute money for a cup of coffee or whatever on blogs? i found the information. it's a "tip jar" via pay pal. I am considering adding it to my blog until January 17 to help you all raise money. I just don't know though - i've been pretty committeed to not annoying raders with stuff like this, but I think this is an exception. i'll keep thinking it through. maybe there are some readers out there who want to be anonymous in their giving...but, I could provide receipts - or you could - if they provide addressses.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

stefunk - i added the paypal donation button. i will let you know if we get any donations. every little bit counts!!!! we will need to provide receipts to folks.