Saturday, October 4, 2008

20th Reunion

We're out of town in Shawn's hometown for his 20th reunion.



Man he's old. (So kidding, honey.)

I can say that because I won't have my 20 for 3 more years. His former high school is the largest in the state of Oklahoma. Many schools of their size have split at some time into 2 or 3 different high schools but BA has kept it all together. Let's just say the campus is larger then my college. MUCH larger. We picked up our info packet in the cafeteria and started the trek to the football field.

Our (my) high school shares a stadium with our local college. It's new. And very nice. I've thought it was big, I don't have much to compare it to apparently. BA's is HUGE! It is comparable to OU's in Norman. At least to me, I don't know if Shawn would share that comparison.
Needless to say, I fully expected to see angels greeting me when I got to the only available seating. My legs were quivering. And burning.

Shawn is a proud former member of The Pride. The marching band for BA. They were state champs his senior year. At my high school the marching band was for those who couldn't fit in anywhere else. Okay, the nerds. One year there were only 14 of them. Choir was the cooler place to be.

Not at BA. Band is a place of distinction. I must say...I was impressed last night. The sound up in the clouds where I was sitting wasn't very good but I could tell what songs they were playing. I was completely fascinated by how that many people knew what formation to make, where to march, and when to move.

There was a lot of movement. The thought of playing an instrument and marching is something my mind would never be able to do.

BA didn't win the game. Muskogee caught a pass in the end zone in the final 2 seconds to win it. But it was a great game!

I can say that because it wasn't my team playing:)


Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

Steph - I'm counting 101 comments. This blogger has offered to make Mitchell the feature of her Tuesday post, which is about CHildren's books. If you can find out Mitch's favorite children's book, she'll blog about it. We can count comments on that post, too. She'll draw a whole different crowd. Let's keep the momentum going of spreading awareness and raising $.

Have fun at the reunion!!!

Wendy said...

Hi Steph, Thanks for visiting my blog and for the book title. I'll put something together in my blog. I'll have some readers but I am not sure a "crowd". Anyway, I'll include a link to Jen and to you.
So glad you like my quirks...check out my last Thursday post. I met someone with the same birthday and year as me and it has been very nice and quirky!
Will come back to read your blog, looks like the BA reunion was going to be fun!

Kristie said...

Well, as a former "band geek" (ahem) I'm not sure I appreciate that! Obviously, you weren't at school in the glory of the Mr. Moore-band director days, when the band was awesome and *the* place to be. :)

Hope you guys are having a wonderful time at the reunion!!

Wendy said...

Tomorrow is the post with an addition for your cause. I'll be thinking about you as you train for this worthwhile cause!

Danyele Easterhaus said...

ok, listen, shawn may be old, but that would make me old-er! yikes, by one year. i had my 20 yr last year. yikes! how did that happen?