Saturday, October 18, 2008

Never Again

5:50 a.m.-alarm goes off
5:47 a.m.-up, going to the bathroom
6:00 a.m.-dressed in layers for group run
6:05 a.m-going to the bathroom again
6:15 a.m.-taking Motrin, Zyrtec, Ampicilin, and birth control pill
6:20 a.m.-out the door to pick up running partner
6:45 a.m.-sitting in car in a frightening part of town looking around for any signs of life, or dead bodies
7:10 a.m.-listening to coach share 'mission moment' of deceased friend
7:11 a.m.-tearing up, and remembering why we're running and fund raising
7:15 a.m.-hitting the trails for a 7 miler
8:45 a.m.-yes I'm slow, finishing the 7 miles
9:25 a.m.-drop off Melissa and head to Jamba Juice for a much needed Peach Pleasure
9:55 a.m.-arrive home, hardly able to walk, and crawl into the shower
10:40 a.m.-grab two Presidents and head out the door to pick up the third and a friend to go to the circus
1:00 p.m.-arrive at Gogo and Grampa's and sit down for lunch
1:40 p.m.-head to the circus
5:20 p.m.-leave the circus and take the girls to The Center of the Universe in Tulsa
6:20 p.m.-decide, since we're there, to have dinner with the grandparents
8:00 p.m.-head home
9:45 p.m.-drop off very sleepy friend at her house and realize my three our out
10:00 p.m.-finally get home, try to get sore, knotted legs out of car and limp into the recliner in the den

Like I said, NEVER. AGAIN!


miruspeg said...

What a day! I would be totally exhausted as well.
Your blow by blow account did make me smile often, like 6:45am.
Never Again eh, I don't think you will be let off the hook that time you will look back and think, I was just plain crazy!!!!

Wendy said...

Hey, does your never again, never ever run again. two, never go to the circus again. or three, never run then go to the circus again!! Sorry I am smiling but your post was funny! Hope the legs are feeling better. Way to go, 7 miles!!!!