Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mascara flows right down my nose...

I have been crying for days. Since Sunday to be exact. That's when the 45th Infantry came home. Or started coming home.

We live a few blocks from the small private college where Shawn and I met. They have a large gymnasium that is being used for the homecoming ceremonies. I cried Sunday when I saw the sign go up. I bawled Monday as I drove past 5 buses filled with soldiers that have been away from their families for a year protecting me. As we passed I had one hand out the window and the other out the sunroof waving. Bless them, they waved back. Hands were out many of the windows. The tears were streaming.

The girls school and our church are also just a few blocks away. The families coming to the ceremonies are parking at the church and being shuttled over. That means I've seen military people everytime I've driven around our small community. They're directing traffic at just about every intersection. As I've seen them, I've cried. As I've watched the families running to the shuttles with signs and balloons, I've cried. As I've seen infant carriers with little babies that are meeting their Daddies for the first time I've cried. It just doesn't stop! I can't leave my house.

The girls keep asking me about it. I've been so glad to be able to explain to them the sacrifice and the pride that the 45th and everyone else serving our country has.

To everyone reading this who has served our country, and that includes my dad and my husband, thank you. I can't say more then thank you.

And to the brave men and women of the 45th,



Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog this morning. I'm loving your blog. Can't wait to read more. I love our troops and pray for them daily.

Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

YOu know what - I cried every day at Will ROgers. There was a war going on - the soldiers in and out. It was the highlight of my time there. The only good thing, really.

Karen said...

I cried just reading your post about it.