Thursday, October 30, 2008

Houston, we have a problem

I am not the most organized person.

Let's pause a moment for the shocks and gasps heard round the world.

Oh, and the snickers from my family.

I for years have had a purse calendar and a home calendar that not only have never met, but didn't even know the other was in existence! Shawn gave me a PDA for Christmas two years ago and man was it wonderful. But again, it hardly knew the house calendar was around. Now that I have my new Instinct phone (oh how I love it!) I am trying my best to be organized. I use it as a back up alarm so it comes in the house and sometimes visits the calendar in the kitchen. But still, I don't always get it.

Case in point. At lunch last Sunday my aunt, Janis, mentioned that McKinley's next audition was November 1st in Enid. I knew that. I had it on the house calendar. I suddenly had a sinking feeling. Was that November 1st the one that came right after October 31st? Yep, we were going to be in Lubbock. The one in Texas. Enid is in Oklahoma. I had to go home and call my aunt, Carrie, that we were going to be visiting. I warmed her up with an e-mail from my phone (man I love it!) and called a few hours later. Bless her heart, she knew how disappointed all the children would be and mentioned a little something...Uncle Kevin has a plane.

Hmmmm. Her next suggestion was for me to call Kevin and butter him up. I don't think I've ever told him that I loved him that many times! He was all for it! A quick call to the scheduling company that makes his hospital schedule and we're on.

Here's the thing. I HATE to fly! It doesn't really like me much either. My stomach and airplanes just don't get along. Now the kicker, my uncle built his plane.

In his garage. And I helped. I epoxied the pilot side wall. Does that worry anyone but me? He is an excellent pilot, never had a problem. But he likes to do things like free falls to watch the dirt and rocks in the carpet float up in the air. I can throw up just flying straight, but straight down??

McKinley has flown from Oklahoma to Texas to Florida with him. She's so excited for another flight. She also loves the idea of being the only auditioner being flown in. She'll get a lot of mileage out of that for years to come.

I don't have to go.

My aunt Janis will be at the airport to pick them up. She's the voice teacher, they don't really need me. McKinley has already had two other auditions and I wasn't there.

I should go.

I will survive!

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Anonymous said...

We all need a relative with a homemade plane! ;)

I need to read back a bit and figure out what she's auditioning for...