Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on my stalkers:)

Well, if you write it, they will come...or something prolific like that.

Or...if you just add the linky thing in the left column for people to click on, they will click!

I didn't write that post begging for new followers, or because I was worried about no one reading my blog. I really just wrote it because I thought it was interesting. I enjoy that people read my blog but even if it was just a hand full of people I'd still write. This is such a release for me. All the sarcasm and humor that rolls around in my head has to come out somewhere. Why not here??

Okay, okay...but it is exciting to know that there are people who read every day. And I would be lying like a dog if I said I didn't care about comments. I just love to hear what people have to say! Even if it is mean:)

I watched my following go from 6 to 19 in the days following my post about this. I am excited mostly because now I have new friends. And I can stalk them!

I know, I know, I need to stop calling it that.

So to all my new followers, "Hello! And welcome:)"

To those of you who don't have a blogger or google or yahoo or whatever account it takes to comment, "Hello and welcome!"

And to those of you who stopped reading after the first few words...for shame!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go stalk some people!


Margaret Glyn said...

I do not think you have "stalked" me--at least no comments! Gigi

Kelly said...

I love all the new followers you have! I like it too because I can stalk them too!

Robin said...

Being one of the stalkers/lurkers...I like what humor and sarcasm rolled out.


Alisa said...

hello-I guess I am a lurker since I never comment-
well, no more- i shed the lurker status-

Jenhomemom said...

I so love coming and reading about your days via Facebook... you and i have a lot in common... hoping that running thing will be one more thing soon... I trying, but not getting to far yet... think it's cause i have no one to run with and my schedule is s wacky... thanks for the smiles you supply me with! :)