Friday, February 27, 2009

Out of the mouthes of babes

This afternoon I was shopping for some classy clothes for a Philharmonic concert that I'm hosting tonight. Reagan had been sent home from school with the slightest fever so she was with me. I found a shirt I quite liked but could only find larges. I needed a medium. As I was looking through every single one of them I said out loud, "I can't find my size!"

To which Reagan answered, "Just suck in and don't talk."

Don't you just love her??

I could have explained to her that I needed a smaller size, not a larger one but instead I just shared a laugh with a friend of mine who happened to be one rack over:C)


miruspeg said...

I love that kids now have the freedom and confidence to speak their minds.
She does have a good point though, I think I will heed her advise next time I am shopping for clothes.....I will suck it in and ask the shop assistant not to talk!


Cozyflier said...

That sounds just like her! Did you have any luck finding a top?

Hope she is feeling better.

Your Texas Aunt and Cousins