Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The last of it, I promise!

As I came to the end of my last Day in Phoenix post I realized I had some pictures that didn't fit in anywhere. So, lucky you, I'm putting them on today.

No explanations...just pictures.

Just let your mind wander!

Well, this one has to be explained! A group of us were sitting around the pool the last day when one of the Angels asked if anyone had a camera. She took it, got up, slowly walked a little bit, turned and took a picture. We all couldn't figure out what she was doing. When she sat back down we started passing the camera around. We one by one erupted in laughter! Poor guy!
But the most interesting part? The Angel that took the picture is legally blind! I have no idea how she saw this...but I'm sooo glad she did!


Wendelyn DeMoss said...

Hi Steph, I am just now getting to all of your posts about your trip. So sorry to have missed the suspense as you posted each day. It was fun though reading about your wonderful race and the amazing experiences you had. You certainly have so much to be proud of! I loved all of the posts and the pictures. You are a good writer. You painted a perfect picture of each step of the experience. What a gift you all gave to Tracy. They both looked so happy in those pictures! I have so much less time to post these days but I do love reading your blog. Love the new look as well. Congratulations and here's to more wonderful days for you to run in!!

M said...

I came over from Krisite's blog...and caught your TNT pics. Great job on the 1/2! This Sept. and Oct I ran two halves...and I have ridden Tahoe 2x with TNT...what an expericence....especially since my daughter had leukemia. I plan to run the Rock and Roll 1/2 in June...that reminds me...I had better up the mileage! Great job and I love the cactus pic!