Monday, February 23, 2009

More Tornado Damage

As we were driving to lunch yesterday we got to see more tornado damage. In the diagonal NE direction of the tornado we noticed that Target had some roof damage, the shopping center sign had some,
but across the street the Starbucks and Chic-fil-a didn't. But just a few feet away a Fantastic Sams and a Cricket store were heavily damaged.
As we followed the path of the storm we saw where it hit Chuck E Cheese
and then started through a neighborhood. A few houses had roof damage but we were fascinated to see some that had a wall of bricks that had been pulled off. Not much other damage, just a wall of bricks, gone. One house was fine but had this in the front yard.
Wonder what that looked like before the limbs were sawed off??

As we pulled into an apartment complex we saw this.
That would be two bedroom windows, now separated from the bedrooms!

Just behind the apartments is a housing addition where we found this tree. It shows the direction of the tornado. The SW side of the tree has limb damage but the NW side doesn't. AMAZING!!
I feel so sorry for everyone who has suffered from this but I must admit it fascinates me! Makes me want to go back to my childhood dream of being a Storm Tracker!


deedee said...

Amazing how different each part of the US is when it comes to weather hazards. I've through Oklahoma many times - Thank goodness it was never during a tornado.

Coachdad said...

Everyone always says that they would hate to go through an earhtquake, but I would much rather go through that than tornados. I have been in So Cal my whole life and it has only scared me one time. Hope you guys are alright back there and don't suffer any more.