Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do you think it's time?

My beautiful cousin Hilary has always had great hair. We're a lot a like in that way:)

Starting in high school she would grow it out for a while and then go get a drastic cut to wow people. I started telling her that she should be a hair stylist. After some college and lots of different jobs she finally did it.

I was a loyal customer.

My friends thought I was insane. Letting a student cut and color my hair? I had to be crazy!

But honestly? It was cheap, and they didn't let her do a thing unless a teacher had shown her exactly what to do and stood and watched her get started. I got some great haircuts along the way.

When it started I would go in every time and tell her I wanted to keep it long. I always said, "Don't let me get it cut short." After about 10 minutes in the chair I would look at all the cute, young students with their stylish short hair and I'd cave. She always caved, too and would say okay. I never could trust her:)

As I'd sit there listening to the instructor and watching Hilary get poised and ready my eyes would wander. Most of the students were young and apparently thought they were in the 80's. I was amazed that those clothes were still around. Didn't I personally burn mine?

I also saw this.

This would make me laugh every time.

It was very entertaining!

So back to the actual reason for this post. I'm rambling again. Rambling with pictures to go along with it. My apologies.

Since Hilary graduated and got a job in a salon our schedules haven't ever worked out for me to see her. Saturdays would have worked best but since I was training with TNT I was too exhausted on those afternoons.

I really haven't been that worried. I'm not high maintenance when it comes to things like that. I don't get my nails done, usually give myself pedicures, and buy the cheap makeup.

But yesterday...I had started straightening my hair when I noticed something interesting.

Know what that is? That's the bottom half of my hair...and it's a different color than the top.

My friend Deanna calls them my Hooker Highlights.

I'll be making a phone call, tomorrow. And no matter what it takes I'll be getting my hair done.

And I am not going to get it cut short!


Mandy said...

Just visiting from AVT Coach...great post, very funny. Love the pics of the dummies!

Anonymous said...

So that's how they get practice!!! Always wondered! I want a friend down the road to be a hair dresser!


Crazed Mom's Man said...

Did you get your hair cut yesterday?