Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday Breakfast and Linner, Dunch, Supper??

I am always shocked and pleased that my girls ask me to cook for them on their birthdays. I have many times offered to take them somewhere, their choose. Year after year they choose me instead. I let them choose anything. And we've had some interesting choices! I do usually have to add a salad to dinner to make it a little healthy though!

McKinley's choice for this year?


Sheepherder's Breakfast


Pasta a la Vodka
Soft Breadsticks
Gogo's Green Beans
Cheesecake Pie with Cherry Sauce
Key Lime Pie

Oh, and salad

We're saving the big birthday cake for her friend party in a few weeks. Since our family, both sides, are ultra Nazarenes we are calling the pasta, Pioneer Pasta since it's from The Pioneer Woman. Of course, the majority of them read this blog....oh well, it will be over and digested by now! And just so you know, the alcohol cooks out! It just leaves a slight kick to the overall dish.

In Reagan's 7 years of life she's had two Thanksgiving birthdays but she still picks the breakfasts and cake. Her choices have been diverse.

Now Kennedy? Every year it's Ham and Vegetable Linguine. Never fails. I don't even have to ask.

McKinley, like Reagan, changes it up every year. We've had Enchiladas, Lasagna, Poppy Seed Chicken, and now a simple pasta dish.

So here we sit, stuffed and satisfied. Sure wish someone would make my favorite dish on my birthday. I hate to have to go eat out!


Coachdad said...

What a great compliment that they chose you over going out!

Coachdad said...
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Melissa said...

So if someone were to make your favorite dish, what would it be?

Cozyflier said...

Come to Lubbock for your Birthday and I'll cook for you!!

Margaret Glyn said...

It was a wonderful time sharing in the birthday celebration. The meal was delicious--as if isn't it always! Love Grandma