Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice/Sleet/Freezing Rain Storm

It started Monday afternoon. Looking out the window I couldn't tell that anything had fallen. But then I drove on it...yes, it was ice.

By the time we woke up Tuesday it looked like this.

(Why is there always an orange extension cord in my backyard?)

Moving on.

I had to go see exactly what it was.

When I stepped outside it was falling.
It was piling up in my front flower beds.
It's not's...wish I knew. Little balls of ice?
It had been freezing rain at some time based on the layer of ice build up on my rose tree.
Since there was no school it was only a matter of time before the girls headed out to play.
Imagine their surprise when a frozen, dead bird fell out of the tree!
You know, that's probably still there...SHAWN!!

As we headed out of town Wednesday morning the roads were awful but we survived and made it to Tulsa.

As I was driving Reagan to Gogo's house I had to stop and take some pictures. Get ready...and I apologize if you have dial-up!
Look how much it had piled up on the grass!
Every blade!
Even the chain link fences had ice build up.
Once I wasn't driving in it I could recognize how beautiful it was.

But ONLY after I wasn't in my car!
Only in


Melissa said...

I'll take our 12" of snow any day over the ice. It is pictures only. Glad you stayed safe.

Anonymous said...

That's crazy! I've never seen frozen rain like that before!

Renee said...

I love your pictures!! They made the ice, nice! Unlike how I orginally remember! lol!

miruspeg said...

Amazing photos Steph!
Here in Sydney, Australia we are experiencing the complete opposite to your weather.
The heat wave continues as it reaches 100 degrees regularly.

Alisa said...

i like the pictures- it really is beautiful when you don't have to be in it!
(I had fun peeking in on your blog- hope you don't mind!)